10 Miami Crossfit Affiliates You Need to Try in 2021


2020 was a tough time for many brick and mortar operations in the Miami fitness scene. We saw some amazing gyms prove their commitment to surviving this year’s fitness rollercoaster surrounding COVID-19.

When we asked our readers to vote for their favorite gyms; the ones that helped them stay committed to their goals in 2020, we couldn’t ignore the strong presence of the Miami Crossfit community.

This year we are pleased to share the Miami Crossfit Affiliates You Need to Try in 2021 list, as we add this category to our yearly roundups.

Adding this list to our roundups was no easy feat. How did we find the Miami Crossfit affiliates we are recommending? Well, we looked at several key factors when visiting different boxes.

Our Visits to Miami Crossfit Affiliates

When visiting Miami Crossfit affiliates there were a lot of similarities and differences that stood out. For starters, each Crossfit gym or “box,” is affiliated with the training method and brand of Crossfit itself, however each gym is privately owned by a person or group of individuals; hence affiliated. This model allows Crossfit gyms to apply the Crossfit training methodology with their own interpretation, and vision. You can see a map of Miami Crossfit affiliates here.

During our visits, we realized that each Crossfit gym really was its own brand and experience, all while following the training blueprint. This prompted us to dig a little deeper as to what makes a Crossfit gym special, unique, and standout from other affiliates.

The Experiences that Stood Out


Crossfit has developed a bad rap through the years, most recently with fitness personality Jillian Michaels who slammed the method publicly on her social media. Some boxes we visited had really stellar coaching. We learned that we could research a gym’s staff to find out if their coaches were Crossfit certified, and beyond. In addition to the Crossfit Level 1, we found many coaches working at the boxes we recommend not only held CF-L1’s but CF L-2, L-3, USAW Weightlifting certifications, Yoga credentials, and more. Crossfit requires their gym owners to also be certified, which we found unique to Crossfit gyms. These certifications set many gyms apart.

Schedule, Convenience, Accessibility

Class schedules and class types varied quite drastically at many of the boxes. We found 24-hour access options, diverse class types, 5:00 AM start times, and open or free gym times available to members. It was cool to learn that the top affiliates had programs for kids, weightlifting, yoga, bootcamp, online options, and more. It was clear the best Miami Crossfit affiliates had evolved through the ever-changing landscape of fitness. Many gyms included parking or were located near public transportation making training easy and accessible. A few offered options for remote programming to athletes who aren’t attending in-person or who are located remotely.

Facilities, Amenities and Environment

Thriving Crossfit boxes have evolved from the warehouse style blueprint, to now feature large outdoor areas, high-end equipment, immense indoor square footage, clean air-conditioned locker or changing rooms, showers, backyards outfitted with pull ups bars, unique spaces, artwork, onsite massage and PT, and even a historic landmark.

Program Format and Workouts

The options at our recommended affiliates were a fit for everyone - from general population, former collegiate athletes, the mom trying to stay fit, the member in need of personal training, and so on. Each gym programs their own workouts and we found programming to be an important factor for members.


In some of the boxes we visited, it was clear to see the community was important to the culture. Some athletes and coaches we spoke to talked about events like the famed Wodapolooza (a large Crossfit sanctioned event in Bayfront Park which happens annually returning in 2022), the Crossfit Open, or gym specific group workouts, social events, beach workouts, and other gatherings. Many gyms we visited are involved in their local communities, fundraising for causes or gym members.

10 Miami Crossfit Affiliates You Need to Try in 2021

So, with that being said, here is our list of Miami Crossfit affiliates you need to try in 2021 (in no particular order).

Crossfit Threshold

Founded in 2008, this Kendall gym bares the title of oldest Miami Crossfit affiliate on their website. We loved the kick boxing and yoga options this facility offered along with options for kids. It’s a great gym for the entire family, and many of the members we met trained with their families. Give Crossfit Threshold a visit when you’re down south.

Peak 360

Peak 360 is owned by a former Crossfit Games athlete and it shows. This facility makes you want to work hard from the moment you set foot into their newly renovated space. Peak 360 is a long-standing icon among local Miami Crossfit athletes, and has a track record of working with other notable ones. They promise to help members get fit in all aspects of the word; physically, mentally, and spiritually - 360 degrees.

Crossfit Soul

This gym had us at hello. When we first visited their website, we were overwhelmed with the sleek feel that soon revealed the many options from nutrition to online programming. Crossfit Soul gave us clear options on what type of programming would work best for us, and frankly every possible scenario. When we finally stopped by this Miami favorite we were ready to run with the team. This gym was the opposite of a one size fits all approach and somehow found the balance between “serious Crossfit,” and making Crossfit approachable to the masses. They proudly and deservedly boast some of Crossfit’s top athletes among their training community. Schedule a trial today and learn more about Crossfit Soul’s training methodology. 

Crossfit Kendall

This neighborhood gym founded in 2012 is just what the doctor ordered if you’re in the market for a classic Crossfit wod with neighbors and friends. Crossfit Kendall boasts a long history of helping their community and making everyone feel welcome. This gym reminds us of what a Crossfit gym should feel like, with high ceilings and big garage bay doors. Early riser? This box offers a 5:00 AM option, great for those crazy weekday schedules. Don’t forget to take advantage of Crossfit Kendall’s in house nutrition coaching through their staff.

Downtown Strength & Conditioning

Located in the Ingraham Building in the heart of Downtown, we powered through a tough workout in this box meets landmark space. Downtown Strength & Conditioning or “DTSC” as the members called it, features a hefty class schedule, including various class types, and a focus on their USAW Barbell Club program boasting a USAW certified coaching staff.  Walkable or bikeable for most of its membership base, this gym reminds you that Downtown Miami is the perfect mix of vacation feels and a rapidly developing urban utopia. Intense workouts set against some cool artwork, make sure you take a selfie on your way out. Three-day passes are available via their website.

Crossfit Wynwood

This gym reminded us we were working out in the beautiful Wynwood neighborhood with an impressive outdoor backyard – sort of like an adult playground with weights. Crossfit Wynwood, in addition to traditional Crossfit has their WynFIT program. These HIIT style classes are a great starting point for people new to Crossfit and use lots of body weight movements and various pieces of equipment. Stop by Crossfit Wynwood and get some fun in the sun in their “yard.” 

Reebok Crossfit Miami Beach

Reebok Crossfit Miami Beach is a true staple among the Crossfit world it would seem. A destination gym located smack in the middle of South Beach, its unrivaled in the area. Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach is on Alton Rd and somehow manages to fit an almost 7,000 square foot facility on Miami Beach. We loved the outdoor concept and proximity to Flamingo Park and the beach. A drop in’s dream, the workout of the day left us sweaty and wanting more. They offer discounts for long term contracts which was a nice perk for those who are ready to commit to their fitness with these fitness pros.

Caution Crossfit & Fitness

This massive space has the program to match, with 11 types of class options, including kids gymnastics. Their online community is something to write home about and in these COVID times its clear to see that Caution has you covered with online and remote coaching programs. They offer a 7-day trial on their website which makes trying this Miami Lakes gym out easy. 

Move Lift Live

Move Lift Live will have you doing just that. This new(ish) kid on the block in Brickell is built on the principles of movement. Move Lift Live’s community also known as “the village,” isn’t just about lifting weights or getting your heart rate up. The coaches at Move Lift Live believe understanding the bigger picture, and the gritty details are the only way to guarantee and enjoy sustainable health and fitness. The space boasts two sides for different class types, a locker room, and on-site massage and physical therapy. Make sure you catch a yoga class while you’re there or opt for their Pulse class if you feel like something different. Complimentary sessions are offered on their website.

Crossfit Yellow Falcon

We learned that one of the owners of this Miami Crossfit gym is quite handy and it shows. Crossfit Yellow Falcon includes both a full indoor and outdoor training area complete with outdoor flooring and pull up bars, as well as an indoor area for weightlifting with the team to match. This gym offers training in a geographically desirable space near to multiple neighborhoods including Edgewater, Midtown, Wynwood and Downtown. Due to their well-rounded space, Crossfit Yellow Falcon offers a variety of programs and perks, like free parking and showers if you’re on the go.

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