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Add These 4 Customizable Beauty and Wellness Products to Your Cart

In the sea of skincare and wellness, finding the right fit for your own beauty and health goals can sometimes be overwhelming. Not anymore. More and more brands are offering customizable options for bespoke products that are just for you. Here are four of our favorites. 


We stumbled upon Nourished when doing research for another story, but as we read more about this brand of vitamins that you can totally customize, we had to place it here. Nourished is the first-ever, 3D-printed, sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, gummy vitamin with 7 vitamins and nutrients included in one delicious chewable 3D-printed “stack.” Once on their site, you can choose from a plethora of vitamins and superfoods, 28 to be exact, to build your own. Not sure what to choose? Each ingredient has an explanation of its health benefits. We added antioxidant Milk Thistle extract for liver health, Silica for collagen boosting, and Ashwagandha to reduce cortisol, along with 4 other energy-boosting ingredients. They arrive in individually sealed plastic-free, compostable packs that have your name on them. As for the vitamins, they are deliciously good and we’ve been feeling great., @get_nourished


With so many skincare products on the market, it’s easy to get confused about what is best for you. That’s why we turned to Annie Graham, facialist and formulator behind XO Treatment Room to get a totally customized serum. Via her Satellite X virtual consultation, a quick Facetime call with Annie, we showed our bare skin up close and personal with her, and discussed skincare concerns, goals, likes and dislikes. In just under two weeks, our very own personalized skin serum arrived. Annie creates these customized formulas on her on-site lab and ships worldwide., @xotreatmentroom


Ever struggle to find just the right shade or makeup to match your skintone? Elina Organics offers custom shades of their tinted moisturizer, Sun Shelter at no extra charge. Sun Shelter is a 100% organic, guilt-free tinted moisturizer with lightweight and natural coverage, sun protection, and anti-aging benefits. Infused with natural coloring made from Zinc Oxide, Spirulina, Sea Buckthorn, SunFlower Phospholipid, Sea Water Pearl, Chamomile, and Black Willow Bark, it protects and nourishes. While they do offer Light, Medium and Dark shades, if you don’t see your match, email and they will customize a shade just for you., @elinaorganics.

Another option for choosing the perfect hues can be achieved with Makeup Geek’s Build Your Own Palette. This cruelty-free line of highly pigmented products, created by beauty entrepreneur, Marlena Stell, allows you to mix and match your own pans so that you’re not stuck purchasing a palette that only has a few shades that you’ll use. And the best part about Makeup Geek’s palettes is that the magnetic pans are easy to swap out. So if you use up one shade quicker than the other, you can just replace that one shade. Or if you decide to change it up, you don’t need to buy an entirely new palette, just the pan., @makeupgeekcosmetics

In the sea of skincare and wellness, finding the right fit for your own beauty and health goals can sometimes be overwhelming. Not anymore. More and more brands are offering customizable options for bespoke products that are just for you. Here are four of our favorites. 

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Peloton Bike Bootcamp

Peloton Bike Bootcamp Officially Launches to Users

Peloton officially launched their Bike bootcamp classes. Rumors about this were in the leadup to the Bike+ launch, and Peloton confirmed they would be coming as part of the Bike+ announcement.

This morning, Peloton officially launched their Bike bootcamp classes. We first saw rumors about this in the leadup to the Bike+ launch, and Peloton confirmed they would be coming as part of the Bike+ announcement.

The initial Bike+ classes are taught by Jess Sims, Cody Rigsby, and Robin Arzon. To find them, you need to browse to the cycling section of the on-demand library – not the Bootcamp section as you might otherwise think! Peloton has now added a new “Bike Bootcamp” class type filter within the Cycling section, making them easier to find. The initial launch has just 4 Bike bootcamp classes available to take – we’re sure the pace of how often new ones are added will be determined based on how popular the classes end up being with members.

At this time, there are no live bike bootcamp classes scheduled for the next week or two, however, this will likely change in the future.

Prior to launch, Peloton hosted a Facebook live event with Robin, Jess, and Cody to go over what to expect and look forward to with the new classes.

It’s worth clarifying that although these new Bike bootcamp workouts are launching in coordination with the new Bike+ being released, they are available to all members – including those with the original bike and Peloton digital. There isn’t a requirement to use the new Bike+ for them – although Peloton expects it might be easier with the new rotating screen.

The classes are designed with enough time for you to change out of your cycling shoes into whatever shoes you feel most comfortable doing the strength/floor part of the workout with. Peloton has a blog post up with some tips on how to set up your room for the classes.

*This article was originally published on Pelo Buddy by Chris L and can be found here.

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Adds Bood Oxygen Monitoring to the Watch Series 6

A new sensor on the Apple Watch Series 6 allows it to measure blood saturation.

One of the new features coming to the Apple Watch this year is a tool for measuring your blood oxygen level. The Apple Watch Series 6 features a new sensor on the underside of the wearable’s casing that uses both red and infrared light to measure the oxygen in your red blood cells in about 15 seconds. It can also do background readings while you sleep.

Apple said it’s partnering with health networks across North America, including researchers at UC Irvine and the University of Toronto, to leverage the new feature to study the effects of COVID-19 on a person’s respiratory system.

Besides blood oxygen monitoring, watchOS 7 will include an improved framework for measuring VO2 max, which can give you a good idea of your cardiovascular health. Other new features coming to watchOS 7 include a handwashing feature and sleep tracking.

*This article was originally published on Engadget by Igor Bonifacic and can be found here.

Apple Fitness+

Apple Fitness+: What You Need to Know About Apple’s Fitness Service

Apple Fitness+ combines Apple Watch, videos, and workout data to help you get into shape.

Online fitness services such as Peloton and Daily Burn have become very popular, and now Apple wants in on the business. They will soon offer Apple Fitness+, the latest service for Apple users. Fitness+ combines your Apple devices, videos, and collected exercise data to allow you to have satisfying workouts.

This article will tell you all you need to know about Apple Fitness+. We’ll update it whenever there are new developments.

What is Apple Fitness+?

Internet-based fitness services and apps that work on your iPhone has been around for a while from companies like Aaptiv, Daily Burn, and YogaGlo. They saw a huge growth in popularity thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic.

With the Apple Watch, Apple has a device that’s perfectly made to help people get the most out of their workouts. The new Apple Watch Series 6 includes new blood oxygen monitoring and an ECG app to go along with the heart-rate monitor that’s been with the Apple Watch from the beginning. Even before the Series 6 was released, the Apple Watch’s use in fitness has been on a steady growth path. And you don’t need a Series 6 watch to use Apple Fitness+.

With so many Apple Watch users using it as an exercise tool, Apple decided to create the Apple Fitness+ service. Fitness+ features a series of workout videos that users can play on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. Data is collected by the Apple Watch and displayed with the workout video, so you can track stats such as workout time, heart rate, and calories burned.

How does Apple Fitness+ work?

To do Apple Fitness+, you need an Apple Watch. The Watch is used to track your data as you work out.

You then need another device for the videos: an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. Apple Fitness+ will be in the iPhone’s Fitness app. Apple will be releasing a Fitness app for the iPad and Apple TV.

Apple will have a catalog of workout videos for you to use. When you are ready to work out and start a video, your Apple Watch is automatically triggered to record your data. As you do the video, your fitness data appears on the video screen. You’ll also get notifications when you reach fitness goals.

When you finish a workout, you see a data summary screen, and there’s a “Burn Bar” that allows you to compare stats with other people who have done the same workout.

All that data that’s collected—will my privacy be protected?

Apple says that the workout recommendations are “powered using on-device intelligence,” so it’s not collected online. The calories burned and the trainers you choose are not stored with your Apple ID.

What types of workouts does Apple Fitness+ have?

Apple will offer 10 different workout types at launch:

  • Core
  • Cycling
  • Dance
  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Rowing
  • Treadmill run
  • Treadmill walk
  • Strength
  • Yoga
  • Mindful cooldowns

New workouts will be added weekly, so you don’t get bored doing the same workouts over and over.

Apple Fitness+ can make workout recommendations based on your past activity data collected by the Apple Watch. Filtering tools for workout type, trainers, duration, and music are provided so you can exercise the way you want.

Do I need workout equipment for Apple Fitness+?

You can use your own equipment, so for example, if you want to do a Cycling workout, you can use your own exercise bike. You don’t need to buy special equipment. Apple says that many of the workouts don’t require equipment at all.

If you have a gym membership, you can do Apple Fitness+ there. You can play the videos on an iPhone or iPad and use your gym’s equipment or workout rooms.

I’m new to working out, or I’m coming back to it after an absence. Would Apple Fitness+ work for me?

Apple Fitness+ has an “Absolute Beginner” program for users who are just getting started or are returning to regular workouts. The program teaches the body movements often used in the workouts, so you can feel comfortable while you find your groove.

Can I play music while I work out?

The workouts play music, and Apple Fitness+ works with Apple Music so you can save the songs played and use them for future workouts, or listen to them at your leisure. This requires an Apple Music subscription.

What devices do I need for Apple Fitness+?

Apple Fitness+ requires:

  • Apple Watch Series 3 or later paired with an iPhone 6s or later, or an iPhone SE
  • If you want to use an iPad, you must have and iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation or later), iPad mini 4 or later, iPad Air 2, or iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • Apple Fitness+ can be used on the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD

How much does Apple Fitness+ cost?

Apple Fitness+ is a subscription service that is free for the first month. After that, you pay $9.99 per month, or $79.99 a year. A subscription can be shared with up to five other people though Family Sharing. An Apple Music subscription is not required.

Apple Fitness+ is part of the new Apple One service bundle, where you can sign up for serveral Apple services, such as Apple Music, Apple TV+, and iCloud in addition to Apple Fitness+ for a special price.

Can I try Apple Fitness+ for free before I sign up?

You can. There are a few trials plans available, but they may expire so check for their availability.

  • Anyone who buys a new Apple Watch Series 3 or later after September 15, 2020, will get a free 3-month Apple Fitness+ trial.
  • Best Buy deal: If you buy an Apple Watch Series 3 or later from Best Buy, you get six months of Apple Fitness+ for free. If you are a My Best Buy member and already have an Apple Watch Series 3 or later, you get two months of Apple Fitness+ free.
  • CVS Health deal: Select Aetna commercial and Caremark members, CVS Pharmacy ExtraCare retail customers, and CVS Health employees can get “special access” to Apple Fitness+.

Where is Apple Fitness+ available?

It will be available in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the U.K., and the U.S.

When will Apple Fitness+ be available?

Apple has not announced a specific date. They’ve only said, “Later this year [2020].”

*This article was originally published on MacWorld by Roman Loyola and can be found here.

On Running Cyclon Shoe

On Wants to Rent, Rather Than Sell, Its Recyclable Sneakers

Swiss footwear maker On thinks that it’s high time that running sneakers were lighter and better for the environment than before. That’s why the company is launching its first completely-recyclable shoe as part of a service that’ll rent, rather than sell, you a new pair of trainers. Both the shoe and the service are dubbed Cyclon, and it’s a project whereby you’ll be able to send your kicks back when they’re worn out. And, when those shoes reach the end of their life, they’ll be ground down to make new ones.

The Cyclon shoe weighs in under seven ounces and is designed to be worn in “elite level competition” with high levels of energy return and cushioning. The upper is made from a material derived from castor beans, while the sole is made from an Evonik polymer that’s part of the same family as the upper. When returned, the shoes are shredded, ground down and re-used in their entirety to make sole parts. Specifically, the recycled material will be turned into speedboards, the custom plate that sits between the midsole and upper to cushion the blow when your foot strikes the ground. 

In order to grab a Cyclon, you’ll need to sign up to, er, Cyclon, putting down a deposit for $30 that’ll get you the first batch of Cyclon shoes when they land in the back half of 2021. When they arrive, you’ll be locked in paying $30 a month for a minimum commitment of six months. The general idea being that you’ll swap them every six months in order to make sure you never wear out your shoes enough to risk injury. Not to mention that you can get a new pair without the usual environmental guilt associated with buying a new pair of kicks.

*This article was originally published on Engadget by Daniel Cooper and can be found here.


Peloton Plans Sub-$3,000 Treadmill and New High-End Bike

Peloton Interactive Inc. is preparing to launch a cheaper treadmill and a new high-end bike, while cutting the price of its existing bike.

Peloton Interactive Inc. is preparing to launch a cheaper treadmill and a new high-end bike, while cutting the price of its existing bike to stoke demand as many gyms remain closed, according to people familiar with the matter.

The new treadmill, called Tread, will cost less than $3,000, compared with $4,295 for the current model. It will also be smaller and have a cheaper belt design like most other treadmills on the market versus the current model’s slat design. The existing Peloton treadmill will continue to be sold as the company’s high-end offering and will be renamed the “Tread+,” the people said. They asked not to be identified discussing private product plans.

The new stationary bike will be a premium offering called Bike+, and will likely cost more than the current $2,245 version. Peloton will then drop the price of the existing machine to less than $1,900, the people said. The shares fell almost 4% to $79.05 in early trading in New York.

One of the new features of the cheaper Tread and higher-end bike will be a more adjustable tablet screen. This will help users do different workouts near the machine, not just on it, expanding the variety of classes. Peloton is also preparing bootcamp training classes for its bikes, which are strength training video workouts currently available on the Tread and the Peloton mobile app, according to the people familiar with the matter.

The New York-based fitness and technology company could announce the new products as early as next week, ahead of quarterly results scheduled for Sept. 10, one of the people said. A Peloton spokeswoman declined to comment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has boosted demand for Peloton’s products and services as consumers look for new ways to work out at home. Many gyms across the U.S. remain closed, giving the company a rare opportunity to lure new customers and subscribers. The stock has surged 178% this year.

However, the outbreak has also limited the company’s ability to produce new products and has paused deliveries of the treadmill in most U.S. markets. In May, Peloton Chief Executive Officer John Foley said Covid-19 forced the company to rethink its product launch timing. He also noted a significant backlog of future devices and said eventually releasing a cheaper treadmill was a high priority.

The cheaper treadmill is likely to go on sale later than the new Bike+, according to one of the people familiar with the matter.

Bloomberg News previously reported on Peloton’s plans for a cheaper treadmill. The company is also working on a rowing machine, but that is not expected to be announced until later.

*This article was originally published on Bloomberg by Mark Gurman and can be found here.

Apple fitness subscription

Apple is Reportedly Planning a Peloton-Like Fitness Subscription

Codenamed “Seymour,” the fitness subscriptions would be available as part of a higher-end bundle with other Apple services.

Earlier, we learned that Apple may be preparing “Apple One” subscription bundles that combine its existing services like Apple TV and Apple Music. However, it might also enter an all-new arena. The company is reportedly working on virtual fitness classes that would compete against offerings from Nike and Peloton, via an app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, according to Bloomberg.

Codenamed “Seymour,” the fitness subscriptions would be available as part of a higher-end bundle with other Apple services. It would offer classes that rival Nike’s Class Pass and Peloton, Bloomberg reported, so presumably, that would include guided live and on-demand sessions. Apple isn’t likely to sell a bike (though you never know), so it might be closer to Class Pass with aerobic, yoga, kettlebells, and other classes that have limited equipment requirements.

The service makes sense for Apple, as products like the Watch and iPhone are already widely used for fitness and health tracking. On top of that, Apple Music would be a good fit by giving users workout tunes, while participants could be follow along on Apple TV.

There are a lot of other possibilities — Apple might even figure out a way to incorporate the Watch into exercise sessions using heart-rate, accelerometers, and other sensors. None of this is confirmed yet, however, so take it all with some serious skepticism.

*This article was originally published on Engadget by Steve Dent and can be found here.


Your Guide to Creating an At-Home Gym You’ll Actually Use

What constitutes the ideal at-home gym is going to be different for everyone. Here are six questions to help you create an at-home gym that works for you.

In the first month of COVID-19 lockdowns alone, Americans increased their spending on online workouts by 125%, according to Cardlytics ad platform that partners with banks to track consumer spending. And purchases of at-home fitness equipment were 130% higher than they were the year prior, according to the NPD Group, one of the world's largest market research companies.

"With big box gyms being closed around the world, home gyms are becoming more of the norm," says certified personal trainer Jumha Aburezeq, founder of StoopidFit lifestyle coaching platform. He explains that it's not just longtime gym-goers who are investing in at-home fitness equipment; many people are entering into exercise for the first time as they try to get more movement and manage their mental health in spite of social isolation.

"Before filling up your online cart with all the best equipment on the market, though, there will be a few things you need to consider," he says. After all, what constitutes the ideal at-home gym is going to be different for everyone.

Here are six questions to help you create an at-home gym that works for you.

What Are My Goals?

It sounds pretty basic, but a lot of people don't take the time to ensure that the equipment they buy is truly consistent with their goals and workout preferences, Aburezeq says.

So ask yourself, do you want to add strength and muscle? Then looking into free weights, resistance bands, a suspension system like TRX, or even a weight-lifting station or cable machine should be your first move, he says.

If you're training for a race, enjoy cardio, or do your best exercise while watching TV or reading a book, then a treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike might be the way to go. If you love total-body high-intensity interval training workouts, a rower is worth considering.

And if you're just wanting to feel generally healthier, a combination of any of these could work, based on what you actually like to do, of course.

What Would I Use at the Gym?

When your goal is to not work out at the gym, this might seem like an odd question to ask yourself. But if you're unlikely to use any given cardio machine or free weight when you're at the gym, you're also unlikely to use it at home, Aburezeq says.

Plus, it's worth considering if your at-home equipment is a temporary solution to help you train until you can make it back into a public gym or if you plan to work out at home from now on.

"This will give you an idea of how big of a budget you should commit to as well as the size of the equipment you'll be using," he says. "If you plan for this to be temporary, then smaller, more versatile equipment will be key, otherwise you'll be stuck with a bench press station that'll be used as a coat rack eight months from now." 

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What's My Budget?

Once you get a rough idea of the types of fitness equipment you want, it can be helpful to determine your budget before starting your search.

That way, you reduce the risk of browsing out-of-budget options that you might want but can't have. It also makes it less likely that you'll end up spending more money than is wise for your current financial situation.

Consider both your budget for your entire gym and how much of that you're open to devoting to any one item. If you're interested in buying multiple pieces of equipment, deciding all of your purchases before hitting that order button can help you stay on budget.

Where Will I Put Everything?

An immediate concern when investing in at-home fitness equipment is space – with the answer having a large impact on what and how much equipment you're able to house.

"Walk through your home and map out an ideal space that you can see yourself training regularly," Aburezeq says. "I always suggest underestimating how much space you actually plan to use to give you room for error." When considering rooms, also take into account ceiling height: If you are interested in overload lifting, at least a 9.5-foot-high ceiling will likely be a must, he says.

Flooring is another factor to take into account, explains certified personal trainer Joey Thurman, master trainer with kuudose online fitness platform. First, consider strength. Current U.S. building codes specify most residential floors withstand 40 pounds per square foot, with bedrooms dropping to 30 and garages requiring 50. Most heavy equipment will be safe even on second floors, but if you have an older home, look into its specifications before loading your second floor with barbells and weight plates.

Whatever room you're in, it's worth investing in exercise-friendly flooring: "It is very important for safety as well as shock absorption," Thurman says. "There are lots of premade gym floors that simply snap together like puzzle pieces where they can be laid on the ground."

How Easy Will It Be to Access and Use?

This depends on both the space you use and the equipment you fill it with.

"Finding a happy medium between 'can be put away' and 'still easy to get out' is critical for adherence and consistency in a workout program, especially when working out from home," explains certified personal trainer Mecayla Froerer, director of at-home personal training community iFit.

If you plan to store cardio equipment in a multi-purpose room, choosing lighter-weight options can be the way to go. Look through the specs on any equipment options you're considering to determine what's user-friendly for your workout schedule and lifestyle, she says.

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How Techy Am I?

For many people, online-based workouts and classes are a big draw, increasing workout enjoyment, interest and motivation. If that's you, choosing smart machines that play expert-led on-demand classes may be a good fit, Froerer says.

No matter how cool a machine's functionality is, though, be honest with yourself about how many tech features you'll really take advantage of. If you have a good feeling that you won't use all of the bells and whistles, look for a scaled-down option.

This story was originally published on US News by K. Aleisha Fetters and can be found here.


8 Ways You Can Improve Your Virtual Class Experience

Here are eight ways you can improve your virtual class experience from Fitgrid CEO Nt Etuk.

Not happy with your virtual studio experience for guests? You're not alone. The virtual studio can't quite capture the experience created in your studio, but that doesn't mean it has to be dull either. But where most studio owners and managers get tripped up is focusing on the wrong things.

RELATED 5 Mistakes Fitness Professionals Are Making and How to Avoid Them

Fitgrid, which bridges Mindbody and Zoom to make live streaming seamless for everyone, gives studios the certainty that students will never miss a class link and be able to provide feedback about what worked and what didn’t to keep improving.

Here are eight ways you can improve your virtual class experience from Fitgrid CEO Nt Etuk.

  • Encourage students to invite friends to class
  • Use Zoom’s advanced sound sharing controls to ensure high quality if using music in class
  • Have a savvy team member available to help members with tech support issues for the 30 minutes before class
  • Have the instructor/staff reach out to participants after class to create personal connections, i.e. send follow-up emails through FitGrid to thank them for attending.
  • Encourage clients to put their favorite classes in their calendars and emphasize the importance of carving out a routine. Not having to travel to the studio makes classes more accessible, but it also makes it harder to create a routine and habit of attending regularly.

RELATED 7 Tips to Take Your Personal Training Business Online

  • To connect with members from home, encourage instructors to emphasize interpersonal interactions during class by addressing participants by name, giving “virtual assists” to suggest adjustments on form, and praising the class on a job well done.
  • Emulate the outstanding in-house experience that clients have come to expect from the studio by having instructors host their live-stream classes from the studio, to minimize distractions in the background and maintain the feeling of being in the studio.

5 Household Items To Help You Get a Serious Workout

Can’t find any exercise equipment in stores or online? No problem, here are five household items that you can use instead of fitness equipment!

Can’t find any exercise equipment in stores or online? No problem, here are five household items that you can use instead of fitness equipment.

*RELATED 4 Bodyweight Leg Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

1. Gliders

Want to hit your favorite Pilates or sculpting class and you don’t have gliders? No sweat, you can use two towels on the floor. If you have carpet, you can use Ziplock bags or paper plates. If you’re taking your workouts outside on concrete, go grab a pair of skates or even a skateboard, the wheels will help you glide.

2. Weights

Want to lift with dumbbells or kettlebells but they are sold out across the board? Another simple fix, use your laundry detergent. If it’s not heavy enough, you can use a backpack and fill it with books or heavy items. For those mini dumbbell classes, check out your kitchen. You can use cans or water bottles. Truly, anything can be used as a weight these days, you just have to step out of the box to get creative.

3. Resistance bands

Alright, this one takes the cake for extra creativity: stockings or tights. You can double wrap them around your legs to make a booty band. Or you can hold each end to keep them long and use as extra resistance.

4. TRX

You want to practice suspension training? I got you covered. There are two options but just be sure you follow the steps properly. You will need either a towel or a sheet, try to pick something thin. Grab the top two corners of the sheet/towel and bring them together, thus folding it sideways. Now the sheet/towel should be long, make a knot in the middle of it. Place the knot part on top of the door on the other side. You must completely shut the door, with the towel/sheet hooked at the top. Pull on it a few times to make sure its secure, once it is, get after it.  

5. Bodyweight

Last but not least, use your own body! There are so many benefits to training just bodyweight. Some of the hardest workouts require no props at all. You can always mix up your bodyweight routine by playing around with different formats. For example, you can focus on plyometrics, isometrics, or even tempo. Our body can do so much more than what we think it can, we just have to start using it.

All in all, you don’t need exercise equipment to get in akiller sweat. You have all the tools that you need right at home, just use somecreativity. With that being said, I hope this helps you crush those workouts athome. Remember, stay consistent and stay positive! #beastmodeON

Resilience CBD

A Breakdown of CBD Products. What Should You Be Using?

We’ve broken down the different CBD products to help you determine which are best for you and your specific needs.

2020 has been the year of CBD ... and for a good reason. CBD, short for Cannabidiol, can work wonders for your body. There are new brands and new products popping up each day and it can be tough to sort through the masses.

We’ve broken down the different products offered by Resilience CBD to help you determine which are best for you and your specific needs.

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Resilience’s line of CBD products is designed specifically for advanced fitness recovery. Everyone loves a great sweat that leaves you sore the next day, but recovery is actually just as important as your training. Check this blog to learn more about the importance of recovery.

Whether you’re looking to sleep through the night, relieve your knee pain or train for a 5K, Resilence’s CBD products are designed to help you feel and perform at your very best. Below is a breakdown of their CBD topicals, oils, gummies, and bath bombs to help you get a sense of what exactly you may need.


Before we dive into thedifferent CBD products and which is best, here’s a quick rundown of how CBDworks with your body. You have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that naturallyproduces endocannabinoids (“endo” means created within). These endocannabinoidswork with your nervous system and send messages to cells that work with yourbody to regulate eating and sleeping patterns, mood, cognitive functions, andinflammation levels. When you take CBD, you’re supplementing your body’snatural endocannabinoids to further promote balance throughout the body. 

*RELATED 5 CBD Myths You Should Know

INGESTIBLES (Oils orGummies)

CBD ingestibles are best for a full-body recovery. When you ingest CBD (like Resilience Oils or Gummies), the CBD actually enters the bloodstream. This means the CBD is able to work with your body’s full internal systems rather than just a localized area. Because of this, ingestibles are best if you’re looking for improved sleep, cognitive functions, inflammation responses, or reduced anxiety.

It’s important to note that consistency is key with ingestibles. You won’t notice the effects of ingestibles until you’ve taken it consecutively for at least a few days, so you’re able to build up the number of cannabinoid receptors in your body.

Resilience CBD oils are made with only four ingredients each. They’re free of sugar and contain MCT oil as an added benefit, which supports cognitive function and heart health.

Resilience CBD Gummies are the perfect way to “treat” yourself to CBD. The all-natural gummies provide the same benefits as CBD oil but are designed for convenience.

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TARGETED PAIN RELIEF! Ifyou’re extremely active, or experience aches and pains, CBD topicals are foryou. When you think topicals, think instant, localized recovery. The maindifference between CBD topicals and CBD ingestibles is that topicals don’tenter the bloodstream. They work with local cannabinoid receptors to relievepain in that specific area. Resilience has two different topicals that aregreat depending on your needs: 

Sports Cream: This is their signature product designed for maximum pain relief. It contains Arnica, menthol, Shea butter, Aloe vera, and coconut oil. This is perfect if you have pain points, past injuries, or sore spots that bother you.

Body Lotion: Resilience’s CBD Body Lotion is heavenly. Made with lemongrass, Shea butter, Aloe vera, and coconut oil, this is designed for day-to-day aches and pains.


CBD bath bombs deserve their own category. Not only are they extremely relaxing and detoxing, but they are fantastic for post-workout recovery. Resilience CBD bath bombs are 100% free of any artificial fragrances, dyes, or preservatives and will leave your skin feeling oh-so-soft. Here are their two different options:

Recover: This bath bomb is your best friend if you’re active and looking for a way to wind down after a workout or before bed. It contains Eucalyptus oil, menthol and peppermint oil -- all of which are natural anti-inflammatories great for soothing physical aches and pains. You’ll sleep like a champ after a Recover bath.

Revive: This is best if you’re looking for an uplifting, yet relaxing bath. It contains orange and lemon essential oils that help to promote focus and boost your mood while relaxing your mind and body. It also contains spearmint essential oil which works with the CBD to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Resilience CBD products are the perfect place to start your CBD journey, especially if you’re an active person. They use only the most premium ingredients, third-party lab test all their products (and have QR codes on their boxes so you can check out the lab reports for yourself). If you’re interested in shopping or learning more, check them out here!

UNKNWN Wynnwod|UNKNWN Wynnwod

UNKNWN Wynwood Reveals Renderings Ahead of December 5th Opening

UNKNWN, the Miami-based retail destination and culture creator, has unveiled renderings of their Wynwood space ahead of the December 5th opening.

UNKNWN, the Miami-based retail destination and culture creator within the worlds of art, fashion, sports, and music, has unveiled renderings of the space ahead of their December 5th opening.

John Maragaritis, the multi-faceted artist and designer behind New York Sunshine, led the design of the new location in collaboration with UNKNWN founders LeBron James, Jaron Kanfer, and Frankie Walker Jr. 

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Designed to provide a unique shopping experience that reflects the lifestyle and wardrobe of the co-founders, UNKNWN Wynwood will have 175 feet of shelving with a capacity to display 175 sneakers, along with:

  • Custom water feature designed by New York Sunshine
  • 20+ Custom dyed shelving and displays created by New York Sunshine
  • 200+ feet of mural wall space for art creations and artist expressions
  • 5000+ lbs of concrete, 5300+ lbs of water, and 85+ cubic feet of water
UNKNWN Wynnwod

But creating an incredible physical retail experience is not all UNKNWN Wynwood is after. To coincide with its retail opening UNKNWN will re-launch its e-commerce website to integrate local events, global shopping features, limited edition products, and anti-bot processes for coveted releases

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If that wasn't enough, unique amenities will enhance the experience making it a must-visit in Wynwood:

  • Indoor built-in photo studio, custom photography equipment, and prop house
  • Personal shopping by appointment
  • Concept courtyard space for ongoing community events and hub for global visitors
  • Mural installations by world-renowned artists
  • UNKNWN App for event sign-up information and shopping
Miami FIBO Fitness Festival

It Was a Tech Takeover at the Miami FIBO Fitness Festival

Here are five companies we found at the Miami FIBO Fitness Festival that are changing the way we use technology to workout

Technology has already revolutionized our day to day lives and nowit is permeating the fitness world as well. There are more ways than everbefore to hack your training routine or weight-loss journey using technology.Everything is able to be more personalized and more real-time, meaning thatthere are more options to stay in shape, stay accountable, and actually enjoyit.

At the Miami FIBO Fitness Festival, we saw everything, from devices that helped you plan what to eat that day based on your metabolism, to new fun ways to workout.

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Whether you’re a trainer, a gym owner or someone just trying to get in a good workout, here are five companies we found at the Miami FIBO Fitness Festival that are changing the way we use technology to workout


Lumen is a small hand-held device that allows you to quickly measurethe CO2 concentration in a single breath and understand whether your body isusing fats or carbs for fuel in real-time. Using this data, users can plantheir day around their metabolism and get daily personalized meal plans andactionable insights within the Lumen app. Users can choose to share their datawith their trainer as well to provide more accountability in reaching theirfitness goals. 


As recovery continues to be an important component of the fitness conversation, massage tools have invaded the market. The Jawku Muscle Blaster is a new percussion massage gun to help ease muscles for rapid recovery or to activate muscles pre-workout. It is quieter than the other massage tools on the market and has five variable speed settings and four massage heads for customizable recovery.


The mioPOD is Mio’s newest wearable heart rate performancetracker. It works in real-time to guide you towards the right exerciseintensity based on your personal training goals and connects to an app toprovide heart rate zones and exercise history. It is more consistent than yourwrist-based heart rate monitor and provides a lot of additional traininginsights.


Electric Muscle Stimulation workout is a shockingly efficient way to get the results of a 90-minute workout in just 20 minutes. The muscles are forced to contract via electrical stimulation so you get a full-body workout while relieving your joints, balancing your muscles, and improving your posture. While the workout is nothing like a typical trip to the gym, the convenience and the totality of EMS is helping it grow in popularity.


Train with BlazePod for Flash Reflex Training. These versatilelighting pods can be used for various fitness tests and drills, all controlledby the BlazePod app. Have the ability to compete against friends and track yourperformance with details including time between taps, miss-hit, and more. As atrainer, these Pods can even be used for rehabilitation and physical therapyexercises or cognitive treatment.

$500 Nike Gift Card

Enter to Win a $500 Nike Gift Card

We are giving away a $500 Nike Gift Card! That's right - spend a few minutes answering questions about your fitness habits and you could win.

We are giving away a $500 Nike Gift Card! That's right - spend a few minutes answering questions about your fitness habits and you could win.

The survey takes just a few minutes. One lucky winner will be randomly selected on October 4th.

Take the survey and enter to win the $500 Nike Gift Card here.

Take the Survey

Resilience CBD

4 Benefits of CBD Gummies You Need in Your Life

Resilience has a full line of CBD products, but they recently released their CBD gummies which have been all the rage, and for a good reason.

CBD has taken off this year as a health and wellness tool. It hasseveral health benefits, but there’s one key community who can also greatlybenefit from it: athletes. CBD is an overlooked and underutilized resource foractive people looking to hit new fitness goals and improve their overallwellness. 

We all know the feeling after leg day where you feel like you’re going to fall down the gym stairs because your legs feel like jelly. Or where you push it so hard during treadmill sprints that you take three days off the gym. The pain stops progress, and Resilience, a CBD brand specifically for athletes, is designed to stop that pain so you can crush your goals. 

Resilience has a full line of CBD products, but they recentlyreleased their CBD gummies which have been all the rage, and for a good reason.These sweet CBD treats are unparalleled when it comes to quality, taste, andeffectiveness. 

CBD 101 

CBD is one of over 100 compounds found in the hemp plant (not to be confused with marijuana, which is a completely separate plant). CBD is known for its powerful, all-natural therapeutic effects that promote overall wellness.

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You have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) in your body that actually already produces cannabinoids. These cannabinoids work with your internal systems to regulate stress, inflammation, cognitive functions, as well as eating and sleeping patterns. When you take CBD, you’re supplementing your body’s naturally occurring cannabinoids and providing additional balance throughout the body.

Let’s Talk Resilience CBD Gummies

Resilience CBDgummies should be every active person’s best friend. They’re the perfectmix of relaxation and recovery. Made with Resilience Broad Spectrum CBD oil,they include all the beneficial phytonutrients of the hemp plant, except THC (inshort, no - they absolutely will not produce any type of high).

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Here are a few reasons to give this awesome health tool atry: 

  • They Advance Fitness Recovery - this is the main focus of Resilience products. When you exercise, you’re literally tearing your body down. Small tears form in your muscles which cause soreness. CBD is a natural pain reliever that attacks inflammation and physical tension.
  • They are Convenient and Portable - the main benefit of the CBD Gummies over Resilience’s other CBD products is convenience. You can take one of two gummies with you on the go, or throw a small size in your gym bag, desk drawer, or purse for whenever you’re feeling any mental or physical tension. 
  • They Improve Sleep - the number of adults who get less than six hours of sleep has increased by 31% since 1985. The Resilience CBD Gummies will help to regulate your sleeping patterns so you’re able to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling more refreshed. 
  • They Taste Great - there are many ingestibles on the market that attempt to mask the taste of the CBD with artificial flavors. Resilience CBD gummies are flavored with fresh lemon, grape, and orange fruit juices as well as a hint of sugar that provides a refreshing taste that’s good for your body.

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To celebrate the release of the Resilience CBD gummies, STAY FIT305 readers can use STAYFIT15 at checkout for 15% off your purchase ofany package of gummies. Coupon good through Oct. 15th. Click here to shop their CBDgummies.


UNKNWN WYNWOOD Announces December 2019 Opening

UNKNWN, the Miami-based retail destination and culture creator, has announced the opening of UNKNWN WYNWOOD in December 2019.

UNKNWN, the Miami-based retaildestination and culture creator within the worlds of art, fashion, sports, andmusic, has announced the opening of UNKNWN WYNWOOD in December 2019.

Co-founded by LeBron James, Jaron Kanfer, andFrankie Walker Jr., the company was built with the objective to reinvent shoppingby connecting brands to consumers through experiences and curatedproducts. 

Opening its first store in 2011, UNKNWN offers an authentic assortment of covetable sneakers, collectible items, contemporary ready-to-wear, and designer apparel. 

Now,the 10,000 square foot space set to open during Art Basel, will become UNKNWN’sofficial flagship retail location.

Locatedacross from the Wynwood Walls, UNKWN WYNWOOD will be an experiential venue for sporting andlifestyle events for the Miami community and global travelers, in addition tooffering the lifestyle and wardrobe of the co-founders.

UNKNWN WYNWOOD will also feature an indoorbuilt-in photo studio, custom photography equipment, and prop house.

Resilience CBD

Should you be Hopping on the CBD Train?

CBD is sweeping the nation... but is it worth the hype? And more importantly, should you be joining in?

Each day, there’s a new CBD product on the market. Whetherit’s in patch, lotion, drink or oil form, CBD is sweeping the nation... but isit worth the hype? And more importantly, should you be joining in?

First Things First

Let’s take a few steps back. CBD is short for cannabidiol.It’s one of 100 other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Not to be confusedwith its cousin, marijuana, hemp is a completely separate plant used for anarray of medicinal, commercial, and industrial purposes. It is extremely highin CBD and low in THC, meaning it will not get you high. There is agrowing body of research behind its powerful benefits for anyone looking toimprove their health and wellness.

How it Works

Did you know you already have naturally-occurring cannabinoids and an endocannabinoid system in your body? These cannabinoids work with your nervous system to regulate many of your internal systems. When you take CBD, it helps to supplement your cannabinoids and further promote balance throughout the body. Some main benefits of CBD include reduced stress and anxiety, improved eating and sleeping patterns, and mood regulation.

For the Fit

In terms of fitness specifically, CBD is emerging as acomplete game changer. It addresses one of the most overlooked aspects offitness performance: Recovery.

When you exercise, you’re actually breaking your body down,and need to recover in order to keep progressing. Matt Pippen, Strength andMobility coach for professional and collegiate athletes, lives by the idea thatif you recover more today, you’re able to train harder and longer, with areduced chance of injuries tomorrow.

So where does CBD come into all this? It hasanti-inflammatory properties that work to fight pain and inflammation responsesthroughout the body. By jumping on the CBD train, you’ll be giving yourself anautomatic edge over the competition.

The best, to Fuel Your Best.

As we mentioned above, there are new CBD products and brands emerging each day. Resilience CBD is a premium line of CBD products designed specifically for athlete recovery. Their entire product line was built to accelerate post-workout recovery and reduce stress on the body. Resilience CBD products are designed to help you:

  • Bounce Back from Soreness - Are you recovering sufficiently after your workouts? As you exercise, tiny tears are created in your muscles which causes the soreness you feel. In order to rebuild your muscles, you need to allow your body to recover. CBD helps to support and accelerate that recovery process so you can get back to doing what you love, quicker.
  • Advanced Pain Relief - This one goes hand-in-hand with recovery, of course. On top of soreness, CBD can help with chronic pain points throughout the body like joint and nerve pain that would typically require painkillers. CBD offers an all-natural solution that doesn’t require wallet draining steroid shots, liver-damaging aspirin, or other lengths people go to mitigate pain.
  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety - This one is huge in fitness, especially if you’re a competitive athlete. Getting rid of that race-day, game-day, or fight-night jitters is essential to performance. CBD allows you to relax, relieve mental and physical tension and boosts focus.
  • Improved Sleep - This is huge for fitness. Resilience actually has a great blog on why sleep is your secret weapon. When you don’t hit that eight-hour mark, your reaction time, motor function, recovery, risk of injuries, memory loss, and focus are all impacted. The list could continue, but I think we’ve all experienced at least one of the above after a sleepless night. CBD has been found to improve insomnia, overall sleep quality, duration, and helps you wake up feeling refreshed. Its calming properties can also help you in falling asleep.  

So whether you have aches and pains, anxiety, troublesleeping, or just looking for that extra 10%, CBD may be worth a shot.


David Grutman, Prince, and UNKNWN Collab on Tennis Inspired Streetwear

David Grutman brings Prince - UNKNWN, the fashion sport and street style retailer, who will introduce a limited-edition tennis inspired clothing capsule.

Prince, the leadingAmerican-born global tennis brand, announces a strategic partnership withDavid Grutman, Founder of Miami based Groot Hospitality, to bring hisinfluence to the brand’s creative direction and collaborations.


The first collaboration that Grutman brings to Prince is UNKNWN, the fashion sport and street style retailer, who will introduce a limited-edition tennis inspired clothing capsule. The collection, Prince x UNKNWN, will debut during the 2019 Miami Open. This partnership comes from Authentic Brands Group (ABG), a global brand owner, marketing and entertainment company with a portfolio of iconic brands that includes Prince Tennis.

“We are excited to be launching Prince Off-Court with such a strong partner like David Grutman,” said Matt Salter, Senior Director of Brand Collaborations at ABG. “With the popularity of tennis and the rise of streetwear fashion, the launch of Prince x UNKNWN is a great addition to the growth of the brand. It has been a pleasure working with UNKNWN, who’s reputation and execution have earned them the distinction as the exclusive Miami retailer for top tier brands.”

“When you distill the style of Miami, there are elements of it that generate from the tennis courts of Florida,” says UNKNWN co-founder and CEO Jaron Kanfer. “Even in earlier eras of Miami culture, the sound of a Prince ball hitting the hard court was the drumbeat of the town. Classic “On the Court” style is bouncing back into fashion for both genders especially with the brands that have significant impact on the sporting world. With the Miami Open as a background, we are thrilled to partner with a great icon of tennis on this exciting new collection. As part of the collaboration, we've added our signature touch to Prince’s classic graphics which include an exclusive racquet that speaks to the electricity of our city and timelessness of the game."

The Prince x UNKNWN collection offers a mix of unisex t-shirts, hoodies, and bottoms, and pays homage to the brand’s tennis roots with a single racquet in classic tennis colors infused with pops of white, mint green, black and coral. Topping off the assortment, an all-white tennis skirt and crop top for women will debut.

“Prince is an iconic brand that I’ve been a fan of for many years,” said David Grutman. “I look forward to partnering on next level opportunities, the first being Prince x UNKNWN debuting in Miami. We have awesome projects in the works that we can’t wait to announce – stay tuned.”

The collection launched at the UNKNWN store in the Aventura Mall on Saturday, March 23rd and online at and

Apple Pay in Miami

Celebrate Coconut Grove and South Miami with Apple Pay

Whether you’re visiting Miami or are local, shop the best coffee shops, retail stores, restaurants and food trucks with Apple Pay in Coconut Grove and South Miami.

Whether you’re visiting Miami or are local, shop the best coffee shops, retail stores, restaurants and food trucks with Apple Pay in Coconut Grove and South Miami. It’s easy and secure.

Enjoy exclusive offers when you pay with Apple Pay from March 15-17.

Coconut Grove

  • Panther Coffee
  • Bianco Gelato
  • Bonobos
  • Catch A Wave Surf & Skate Shop
  • Flow Running Shop
  • Present Bakery
  • Terry Jacobs Makeup Studio

South Miami

  • Spris Artisan Pizza
  • Chiquita Chic
  • Earth
  • Hair Studio + Nail Spa
  • NaturHouse
  • Azul

If you already have Apple Pay on your iPhone, great! If not, you can easily set it up yourself:

  1. Open the Wallet app
  2. Tap the + symbol to Add a Card
  3. Follow the steps to Add a New Card
  4. After your bank or issuer verifies your card, tap Next