10 Miami Gyms You Need to Try in 2017


We rounded up some of our favorite, must-try gyms in Miami for 2017. This is where you are going to want to sweat, train, recover, have fun, learn and enjoy all that the fitness community in Miami has to offer.

  1. Body & Soul Boxing Gym

Body & Soul made our list last year in 2016, but they recently expanded their boxing program into a whole new facility. The facility has already had celebrity visitors including Khloe Kardashian. Our visit left us sore and sweaty, making Body & Soul Boxing Gym a must-try for everyone this year.Located: 3870 Shipping Avenue Miami, FL 33146

Body & Soul Boxing Gym
  1. Spartan Gym

Experience the first ever Spartan Gym in partnership with Spartan Race. Located at the 1 Hotel South Beach, this 14,000 square foot facility is designed with dedicated areas focused on athleticism, endurance and strength. The facility has attracted some top talent, including Lawrence Sikorski, one of our “25 Miami Fitness Trainers You Should Follow in 2017.”Located: 2341 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139

Spartan Gym
  1. Budokon University of Mixed Movement Arts

Founded in 2001 by the father of Mixed Movement Arts, Cameron Shayne, Budokon University is a professional-level educational institute committed to the advancement of mixed movement arts sciences. Enjoy Martial Arts, Yoga, Calisthenics and Animal Locomotion.Located: 31 NE 17th. St. Miami, FL 33132

Budokon University of Mixed Movement Arts
  1. Legacy Fit

Legacy Fit has grown quite the reputation for one of the best workouts in Miami. Don’t expect to drop-in a Legacy Fit class without leaving completely soaked in sweat. Their “No Days Off” rallying cry has amassed a loyal following of members willing to put in some serious work once they step through the doors. A new location is coming to Doral in the coming months.Located: 77 NE 24th St. Miami, FL 33137

Legacy Fit Doral
  1. Tropical Vinyasa

Already on our list of “Miami’s Best Yoga Studios – Where to Practice in 2017” is Tropical Vinyasa. Miami Beach’s newest yoga studio founded by Amy Dannheim and legendary Miami Beach Yoga instructor, Paul Toliuszis, is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Between their beautiful space in Sunset Harbor, leading local teachers and light hearted events, Tropical Vinyasa is not to be missed.Located: 1825 West Ave #9 Miami Beach, FL 33139

Tropical Vinyasa
  1. FitBox Method

Full of great energy, good vibes and high-paced workouts, FitBox Method is offering some sweat inducing classes that can’t be missed. Their action packed classes are brought to you by some of the friendliest professionals in the city, and their constant community outreach and involvement is something to admire. You can always find the studio packed with tons of fitness enthusiasts looking to better themselves and hanging out at the Pura Vida Wellness bar post-workout. Drop-in for a class with PJ Venturino, one of the trainers on our "25 Miami Fitness Trainers You Need to Follow in 2017" list.Location: 1756 North Bayshore Drive #119, Miami, FL 33132

FitBox Method
  1. Society Barbell & Fitness

What can we say, there’s lots to love about Society Barbell & Fitness. The facility has all the makings of a typical CrossFit box, but through its own unique way, offers an unmatched experience. Their new “Society Fit” class offers elements of metabolic-conditioning, HIIT, Boot Camp and Plyometric training, eliminating the barbell from your workout.Located: 92 SW 3rd St. Miami, FL 33130

Society Barbell & Fitness
  1. CKO Kickboxing Brickell

CKO is new to the fitness community in South Florida, but its quickly building a reputation for a must-visit gym. The high-energy class keeps you on your toes as instructors not only keep you working, but focused on technique as well. The Brickell facility is rolling out different classes and equipment and we suggest taking a class with Sebastien.

CKO Kickboxing Brickell
  1. JetSet Pilates

The pace is rigorous, the difficulty level is incredibly high and they have an elite team of experienced instructors guiding and motivating clients throughout the entire class. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention some seriously booming tunes that will reverberate throughout your entire body. JetSet Pilates made an earlier list of ours as well, “12 Must-Try Pilates Studios in 2017,” and for good reason.Location: Coral Gables, Miami Beach, North Miami and Wynwood

JetSet Pilates
  1. WaterBiking Studio

Jump right in to the fittest pool party in Miami, WaterBiking Studio. Located in Coral Gables, the unique water cycling studio offers an exhilarating experience that can burn up to 500 calories in a 45-minute class! This class is recommended for anyone and everyone and already made our list of “Where to Spin in the 305 in 2017.”Location: 59 Merrick Way Coral Gables, FL 33134

WaterBiking Studio Miami
  • Bonus: Beat The Gym

No reason to limit yourself to the limitations of a gym, this is Miami after all. And with that, comes gorgeous weather and picturesque backdrops that make perfect locations for a sweat session. Tony Thomas has cultivated something truly special with Beat The Gym, a mobilized workout that is hosted at some really cool locations across the city. It’s all body weight movements, but don’t let that fool you. Tony’s masterfully programmed workouts will have you hooked in no time.Location: See website for schedule, www.BeatTheGym.com

Beat The Gym

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