10 Must-Try Miami Pilates Studios in 2019


Let’s cut tothe chase. There are tons of reasons why both women and menshould include Pilates in their training programs. We’ve discussed how Pilatesmay be the only pain pill you’ll need, and how Pilatescan help prevent injury. Aside from those benefits, Pilates is just afun way to train, that often takes you out of your comfort zone. Check outthese total-body and core-crushing, must-try Miami Pilates studios in 2019.

JetSet Pilates

JetSet Pilateswill get you fit fast. JetSet’s 50-minute megaformer classes are no joke!JetSet classes are fast paced, using resistance-based training to target andstrengthen core muscle groups. Each class is different as instructors guide youthrough moves that work your core, arms, legs, back, and booty.

  • Locations:Miami Beach, Wynwood, Coral Gables, North Miami, South Miami, Pinecrest,and Brickell
  • Amenities:Cubbies for personal belongings, towels, changing areas.


[solidcore] in Midtown Miami has introduced one of the most intense Pilates classes in the area. Instructors challenge clients to perform each core-crushing move to failure and embrace the “shakes.” Be prepared to feel sore the next day … and loving it.

  • Location:Midtown Miami
  • Amenities:Lockers, towels, water for purchase

Pilates in the Grove

Pilates in theGrove offers reformer classes to groups of clients of eight or less. Theirclasses range in level and are perfect for those who are new to or have alreadymastered the workout. Owner Christa Gurka is one of the most in-demandinstructors in the area, working with many high-profile celebrities like MiamiHeat Coach Erik Spoelstra. The studio also gives back to the local communitythrough donation based community classes, like our Mats & Margs workout atThe Wharf benefiting The Lotus House. Click here for highlights.

  • Location:Coconut Grove, South Miami
  • Amenities:Cubbies for personal belongings, filtered water coolers

Pilates ProWorks

A powerful 40or 55-minute workout on the Pilates ProWorks’ FitFormer is sure to have yousweating. The studio offers two other classes in addition to their signaturePilates class. Matbox combines kickboxing and Pilates into one total body,cardio and core workout. Tone and Flow combines yoga and Pilates to improvebalance and flexibility while effectively targeting core muscles.

  • Locations:Coral Gables
  • Amenities:Towels, filtered water bottle filling stations


The Wynwoodstudio offers a wide range of Pilates classes that are performed on either amat or reformer. Unique to Pilathon is that hybrid classes that combinetraditional Pilates movements with rowing (Pilarow) and TRX (Pilates + TRX).

  • Locations:Wynwood
  • Amenities:Lockers, sauna, water

Club Pilates

The reformerbased classes at Club Pilates are each given a level from 1-2.5, allowingclients to progress from foundation to mastery classes. Unique classes likeReformer Flow use springboards and TRX bands to challenge clients.

  • Locations:Brickell, Midtown
  • Amenities:Easily accessible by Metrorail (studio located next to Brickell station)

TruFusion CoralGables 

TruFusion CoralGables made a huge splash when it opened in Spring of 2018.ARod and JLo are known to frequent the Coral Gables location. If that weren’tenough to give it a try, TruFusion Coral Gables offers a 60-minute Hot Pilatesclass that will have you drenched. This mat Pilates class uses resistance bandsto help you strengthen and sculpt your core, inside a sweltering 95-degreestudio room.

  • Locations:Coral Gables
  • Amenities:Café, Locker Room, Showers

Pilates One 

In 2018, PilatesOne moved to a beautiful new location in Coconut Grove and hasn’t skipped abeat. They offer a traditional Pilates class on the reformer, a “circuit” classincorporating Pilates and strength training, and a “2-in-1” class fusing themtogether. Brolates is a Pilates class designed with men in mind that focuses onupper body strength, flexibility, and core muscles.

  • Locations:Coconut Grove
  • Amenities:Showers


Breathe Pilates Miami offersa selection of reformer, mat, and equipment classes designed to give eachstudent, whether in a small group class of up to four, or in a private session,focused attention in order to perfect form and promote growth. Locatedin Miami’s MIMO District, Breathe Pilates came onto the scene in November 2016and has been a destination for many Pilates lovers.

  •  Locations: MIMO District

InnerBalance Studio Miami

With a neighborhood studio feel where you can get individualized attention in a group setting, Inner Balance Studio in North Miami is a hidden gem. The boutique studio offers a Pilates Sculpt class that helps you strengthen your Pilates physique, having you ready for that 305 pool or beach party in no time.

  • Locations:North Miami

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