15 Miami Fitness Trainers Share the Secret to Goal Setting


January is in the rear view - still sticking to that New Year's Resolution? According to U.S. News, 80% of New Year's Resolutions fail by February. Why do we have such a hard time sticking to goals that mean so much to us?To help answer that question, we asked 15 Miami fitness trainers the secret to goal setting. They gave us tips on how to achieve all sorts of goals, not just New Years Resolutions, and how to get back on the wagon if you've fallen off.Jacqueline Kasen – Body Architect, AnatomyBlock out an hour daily for the gym. It’s easy to say that you’ll hit the gym a few times a week, but as you know, things seem to always pop up last minute, ruining your gym plans. Make sure to set a time dedicated to the gym so you can hold yourself accountable. If it means setting a meeting in your calendar or going with a friend, do it. Treat going to the gym like a serious appointment that can’t be missed.Taylor Walker – Personal TrainerFind an instructor you love. There are hundreds of different types of workouts out there, and thousands of trainers, coaches and instructors, that you may or may not connect with. Find an instructor that inspires you and makes you want to work harder every session. The workout is a great motivator, but the instructor will make or break your consistency and help you stick with your long term goals.Gabriel Varona – Co-Founder, Stunna’s FitNow that the hype of the new year is over, reassess your goals and make sure they are realistic. Don’t give up, but don’t over commit to the gym or your diet. Be realistic and push yourself.Vanessa Marrero – Personal TrainerPlan ahead – plan the days you’re going to workout and write it down so you can see it. This helps with staying committed to an “appointment” with yourself. Space out your days so you don’t feel the stress of everyday life and your new commitment to the gym.Starr Hawkins – Co-Founder, Ass N AbsIt’s all about consistency. Set little goals and work on them everyday for the bigger goal. If you’ve already stopped following through on your goal this year, or haven’t started, it’s never too late to begin.Mason Trafford – Co-Founder, SoccerShapeNew Years resolutions have to change from resolutions to a way of life. Whatever you’re doing has to become part of your daily routine. The best and easiest way to make something a habit is to enjoy it. Surround yourself with a team or a group of good people who push you to be your best. Never underestimate the power of having fun. Achieving goals is always easier with a good team behind you.Nikki Pepper – Body Architect, AnatomySet SMART Goals - specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely – and keep them posted where you can see them every day. Some suggestions include a white board, your phone screen background, on a piece of paper on your nightstand or on your mirror in your bathroom - anywhere you’re bound to look at them daily.Rachel Scherdin – Instructor, PilatesBreak down your goal. I am a firm believer that if you set your mind to something you can do it, but its important to break down large goals into smaller ones. If your goal is to run a marathon, first build towards a 5K, and slowly add more miles after that. Then the large goal won’t seem so far off.

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Gui Dapelo – Trainer, Barry’s BootcampSet smaller scale, realistic goals. Instead of focusing on “new year resolutions,” focus on “new day resolutions.” Never let a bad day derail you from your ultimate goals. Give yourself positive reinforcement you need to actually want to work towards your goal.Michelle Bertran - Founder, FierceFit MiamiOne thing we tell our FierceFit members to stay on track with their goals is to visualize them. Whether it’s putting a picture of their goal physique on their fridge, or writing their goals down and reading them every day, visualization is key.Illysa Vivo – Trainer, The Fit ShopGoals need to be a little fun. Choosing a schedule, gym and workout that excites you is key, and putting it into your routine. This should be something you look forward to that will keep you on track.Troy Walker – Recovery Specialist, AnatomyFor people who put in hard work at the gym or office, sleep is the time for physical and mental repair, making it essential to your training program. Throughout the day, our bodies are under enormous amounts of stress. Sitting at your desk puts stress on your core. Carrying gym bags or groceries puts stress on your shoulders. That’s just the physical side of things, not to mention the mental. Sleep is critical to help your body recover.Amanda Mestre – Yoga for AthletesRemember your “why.” Every day when your alarm goes off, sit-up and spend the first five minutes remembering your “why.” This is the reason behind you want to reach your goals. This is more important than the actual goal, because this is what is going to light that fire inside your soul. After you think about your “why,” visualize yourself as already having achieved it. Notice the emotion running through your veins and let that carry you through the day.Laura Ann-Roberts – Instructor, DanceBodyIf you slip up one day, there’s always tomorrow. Put a reminder or alert on your phone, so when it goes off, you read your goal that you’ve written down, reminding yourself what you are working towards. Schedule time in your calendar dedicated for working towards that goal.Jose Antonio – Co-Founder, Mind, Body, SocialSchedule your workouts ahead of time, making it harder to skip. Bring a friend to hold you accountable. Switch it up, so you don’t get bored and complacent.

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