4 Benefits of CBD Gummies You Need in Your Life


CBD has taken off this year as a health and wellness tool. It hasseveral health benefits, but there’s one key community who can also greatlybenefit from it: athletes. CBD is an overlooked and underutilized resource foractive people looking to hit new fitness goals and improve their overallwellness. 

We all know the feeling after leg day where you feel like you’re going to fall down the gym stairs because your legs feel like jelly. Or where you push it so hard during treadmill sprints that you take three days off the gym. The pain stops progress, and Resilience, a CBD brand specifically for athletes, is designed to stop that pain so you can crush your goals. 

Resilience has a full line of CBD products, but they recentlyreleased their CBD gummies which have been all the rage, and for a good reason.These sweet CBD treats are unparalleled when it comes to quality, taste, andeffectiveness. 

CBD 101 

CBD is one of over 100 compounds found in the hemp plant (not to be confused with marijuana, which is a completely separate plant). CBD is known for its powerful, all-natural therapeutic effects that promote overall wellness.

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You have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) in your body that actually already produces cannabinoids. These cannabinoids work with your internal systems to regulate stress, inflammation, cognitive functions, as well as eating and sleeping patterns. When you take CBD, you’re supplementing your body’s naturally occurring cannabinoids and providing additional balance throughout the body.

Let’s Talk Resilience CBD Gummies

Resilience CBDgummies should be every active person’s best friend. They’re the perfectmix of relaxation and recovery. Made with Resilience Broad Spectrum CBD oil,they include all the beneficial phytonutrients of the hemp plant, except THC (inshort, no - they absolutely will not produce any type of high).

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Here are a few reasons to give this awesome health tool atry: 

  • They Advance Fitness Recovery - this is the main focus of Resilience products. When you exercise, you’re literally tearing your body down. Small tears form in your muscles which cause soreness. CBD is a natural pain reliever that attacks inflammation and physical tension.
  • They are Convenient and Portable - the main benefit of the CBD Gummies over Resilience’s other CBD products is convenience. You can take one of two gummies with you on the go, or throw a small size in your gym bag, desk drawer, or purse for whenever you’re feeling any mental or physical tension. 
  • They Improve Sleep - the number of adults who get less than six hours of sleep has increased by 31% since 1985. The Resilience CBD Gummies will help to regulate your sleeping patterns so you’re able to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling more refreshed. 
  • They Taste Great - there are many ingestibles on the market that attempt to mask the taste of the CBD with artificial flavors. Resilience CBD gummies are flavored with fresh lemon, grape, and orange fruit juices as well as a hint of sugar that provides a refreshing taste that’s good for your body.

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Claire Jones is the Director of Marketing for Resilience CBD. A lifelong fitness enthusiast, she loves writing for fitness focused brands and has her finger on the pulse of anything happening in the nutrition and fitness world. Whether it's a butt-kicking workout or a new recipe, finding the best "life hacks" to make people feel happy and healthy is her passion.

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