4 Things to Know About Tapout Fitness Miami


Tapout Fitness Miami is bringing a whole new fitness experience to the Magic City. Here are four things you should know about Tapout before you book a class.

1. Tapout is for all fitness levels - Tapout Fitness Miami mixes old school and new school training. As you would expect from a boxing class, there's no love lost when you're grinding through a workout, with some of Miami's hottest trainers will be taking you to places you've never been before. Tapout features branded boxing, kickboxing, and HIIT classes for all ages and fitness levels, and also allows for families to join together in their fitness journeys.

2. Tapout is More Than a Boxing Studio - Tapout Miami features all the bells and whistles you'd come to expect from your typical boxing gym. The 2,000 square-foot Black and Blue fitness room sports heavy bags, weights, and assault bikes. Tapout Fitness Miami also features The Focusmaster, which combines the resistance training of a heavy bag with the accuracy, speed, and combination training of focus mitts. While Tapout honors the martial arts philosophy of discipline, it brings along the energy of cardio, resistance, and HIIT, creating an experience that fully integrates the mind and body.

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3. Get Technical with Tapout's Martial Art Program - For those who crave a more traditional path, Tapout Fitness Miami offers a variety of inspired martial arts classes. The Tapout Fitness Miami Martial Arts Program incorporates a belt ranking program for both adults and children. You can also jump in the ring to get personal training with any of their trainers or work on your punches with specialized mitt training sessions.

4. Tapout Has all the High-End Amenities You Could Want - Tapout Fitness Miami offers an elevated fitness experience in this flagship location. From a complete organic juice and coffee bar, Ringside Organics, to a boxing ring and a fitness room where you'll be transported by the beats, Tapout has thought of every detail possible to deliver a complete experience once you walk in the door. Let's not forget the changing room, lockers, and showers for the full sweat-and-go experience.

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