5 Tips For Finding Balance And Staying On Track During The Holidays


The holiday season is here and everywhere we turn, temptation is there. There is sweet treats and peppermint mocha everything, not to mention the boozy get-togethers and the big dinners we embark on.

Below are five tips to keep yourself in check this holiday season while still making lasting memories and enjoying the delicious food that’s prepared.

1. Eat in moderation.

The first holiday cookie always tastes better than the tenth. To make sure you eat the right amount, practice mindful eating techniques. Chew your food slowly, take smaller bites and enjoy the experience. Always remember to pace yourself and take a sip of water in between every bite.

2. Eat your greens first.

We are aiming for the perfect plate this holiday season, so first thing is fill half of a small to medium size plate with your vegetables. Then fill a quarter of the plate with protein and the other quarter with carbs. Fewer calories and more fiber is the name of the game.

3. Satisfy the craving.

Don't fight it, invite it. If you are craving a specific sweet treat, allow yourself to enjoy it. If there are sweets but you are craving it don’t eat it. Try to turn mindless eating into mindful choices.

4. Limit your holiday plans.

Try to choose only a few get-togethers to attend that mean the most to you and schedule your workouts in advance around them to offset the drinking and eating. Creating memories with the most important people in your life are the top priority for the holiday season.

5. Honor your body with movement.

Don’t punish your body with a workout over things that you ate. Mindset it key when coming out of the holidays and into the normal grind. Enjoy your holiday season with your family while keeping these tips in mind and then crush a nice sweat sesh after.

Remember that the holidays are only once a year, so have fun. Use these tips to stay on track this year. Happy Holidays!

Shannen Rose is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach based out of Philadelphia, PA whose passion for training and building people up developed from an educational background that came from performing arts, and bodybuilding. Shannen uses the power of positive energy to empower others to break down barriers through movement and sweat. Her dream is to make an impact in the world while having an incredible time with the people around her.

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