5 Tips for Keeping Your Health Goals in 2022


New year, new you? Coaches at Life Time say one of the biggest reasons for failed resolutions is that they're too big and broad. People also set too many goals at once, setting themselves up to feel overwhelmed within weeks. Here are 5 tips from Life Time personal trainers on how you can set and keep your goals in 2022.

Tip #1 – Trim your Goals: One Specific Habit at a Time

Rather than set multiple resolutions, you should set one specific positive habit at a time. Once you establish one positive action, you can move on to add another and build momentum through the year.

"Trying to do it all is a recipe for disaster but accomplishing one thing at a time and then moving on to the next will create long-lasting change," Personal Trainer and Dietitian Michelle Wong said. "Be sure to also give yourself a bit of grace, if you backslide one day or one moment, get right back on the horse and move on".

"Most New Year's goals break down after disconnecting the process from the end result," said Nick Sandoval, Personal Trainer. "If you focus on the smaller victories, you don't tend to feel like you're failing and you're less likely to give up."

#2 – Create a plan and track your progress

Once you have a healthy habit in mind (adding a serving of vegetables to your day, walking 30 minutes four times a week, etc.), create a detailed plan and find a way (digitally or on paper) to track how you're doing, said Personal Trainer and Instructor Kemma Cunningham.

"Focus on creating small habits and renew your motivation by rewarding your small wins when you make progress."

#3 – Find a workout buddy or group

No matter what your health goal is, find a friend, group, or digital community with similar goals to keep you motivated and accountable.

"This could come in the form of hiring a coach, finding a workout buddy or group, or being held accountable to yourself by tracking healthy habits in your digital app or wearable technology," says Lindsay Ogden, Digital Manager for Content and Coaching at Life Time.

"It's always more fun when you accomplish a task with someone else but it also provides you built-in accountability," Wong said.

#4 – Remind Yourself of Your Goal Daily

Personal Trainer Dan Hove says this can be as simple as hanging a note somewhere where you see it every day, or setting reminders on your phone. Daily check-ins and reminders ensure your goal is top of mind.

"When things get tough, dig back into the why of your goal and remind yourself why you wanted to do this."

#5 – Visualize Success

Visualize what a successful outcome is for your goal. It will be easier for you to develop a game plan and be motivated to keep moving when things get tough. "Think about when you accomplished a goal before and ask yourself what did you need to be successful? How did you overcome the obstacles then?" Wong says.

According to Life Time's recent national wellness survey of nearly 1,000 people across the country, the top health resolutions expected in 2022 are:

  • Lose weight (31%)
  • Build muscle (22%)
  • Eat better (13%)
  • Move more (13%)
  • Improve mental wellbeing (11%)

What are your 2022 goals?

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