5 Ways to Stay Body Positive and SHMLS


Steph Shames, owner of SHMLS Cycling Studio inside Brickell's House of Movement, knows a thing or two about staying body positive. Struggling with keeping a positive body image for herself and battling an eating disorder, Shames felt inspired to change the vibe in boutique fitness. SHMLS Cycling Studio is the first boutique fitness studio dedicated to body positivity.Shames shared 5 tips to staying body positive with STAY FIT 305:

  1. Stop comparing yourself to other people. “Your body is your body and is always going to be different from other peoples’ bodies, ” says Shames.
  2. Take the power from things you can't control and channel it toward the things you can. Shames told STAY FIT 305 that, “The way our bodies digests and processes food plays a big part in understanding our body's image. How your body processes food is something you can't control."
  3. Chose workouts the make you feel strong and empowered. “I created SHMLS to be a workout that is less about reaching a number on a scale and more about improving your confidence during class to carry that feeling into everyday life, ” says Shames.
  4. Surround yourself with positivity. “I went through a huge Instagram purge un-following accounts that I felt were not helping my self-esteem and body image,” Shames tells STAY FIT 305. “Try to delete accounts that make you feel bad about your body, and follow accounts that uplift and inspire you.”
  5. Remind yourself that there are parts of your body that you love. “This can be anything, from your hair to your toes,” Shames says. “Pick one thing about your body you love and put more energy into loving that one thing.”

Follow these tips to help stay body positive, and get even more inspired by trying a class at SHMLS Cycling Studio. All of the instructors at the studio have a unique story that focuses on self-acceptance and self-love. The studio is running a special for the month of May to celebrate their grand opening on May 19th. Classes for the month of May are $18, and include spin shoes and water. Your first class at SHMLS Cycling Studio is always free. Classes can be booked though the studio’s website.

Dani is a Lead Instructor at Echelon Fitness and certified personal trainer from Silver Spring, Maryland. Growing up playing ice hockey, Dani always had a passion for being active. Dani studied psychology in college which led her to her initial career path in cognitive psychology. Dani changed career paths after realizing that her passion truly was in fitness. Dani integrates her knowledge of psychology into her fitness classes believing that our mind is a powerful tool to tap into to achieve health and wellness goals. Connect with Dani on social media @danidellarco.

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