6 Ways to Relieve Stress During the Holiday Season


It’s that time of year once again, the holiday season is upon us. Lights are going-up, tree-stands are appearing on street corners, and party invites are going out. The frenzy is starting to build. But this year, STAY FIT 305 wants to help you keep a serene outlook in the face of stressful family gatherings and chaotic holiday shopping.We enlisted Health Coach Luciana Ferraz of Blueberry Bunch to share some top tips on how to stay relaxed as the end of the year, and all it brings, approaches.Here are six top tips for staying calm, cool, and collected during the holiday season.

  1. Meditation. Allow time to sit quietly for 10 - 20 minutes when you wake up. This practice will set the tone for your day and will slow down any anxiety or stress that you may be feeling.
  2. Breathe. We can all attest that the more we run around, the more we can get bogged down by feelings of anxiety. A simple breathing technique can re-center your body-mind connection, providing you a sense of peace. Try full belly breaths by inhaling and exhaling slower for 5 minutes or so. This is a great practice at a busy shopping mall, or on your way to a family dinner.
  3. Make time for movement. Maintaining an exercise routine during this time of the year is key. Exercise naturally boosts serotonin levels which contribute to lower stress levels. Exercising will also burn those extra calories that you may consume from so many social activities. Check-out STAY FIT 305's 10 Tips For Staying Fit During the Holidays.
  4. Get your ZZZZs. Getting plenty of sleep is not only good for your skin and immune system and energy levels, but also for your mood. Rest as much as possible, cat naps count too!
  5. Make your home a calm environment. Diffuse essential oils and light candles around the house. Making your environment feel cozy gives you the opportunity to relax and unwind when at home.
  6. Schedule some ME time: Caring for yourself is the first step in caring for others. Schedule some time for a massage or any other pampering activity that appeals to you. You will be more open and present to others.

Luciana Ferraz is an integrative nutrition health coach, who founded Blueberry Bunch to help busy people discover their ideal work-life balance and better manage the stress of everyday life. Learn more about her here.

Randi Imas is a Florida native, who lived in New York City, London and San Francisco for a time, before finding her way back to Miami. An avid health enthusiast slash foodie, you’ll either find her at a HIIT class, running by the bay or at one of Miami’s yummiest restaurants. A marketing professional by day, she enjoys experiencing all the gym options Miami has to offer and sharing her experiences on Stay Fit 305 or her Instagram @randi_imas.

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