7 Mommy & Me Fitness Classes in Miami For the Active Family


When you have a baby, it may seem like you’ll never be able to get a good studio workout ever again, but it’s just not true. You don’t have to give up your fit life just because you have a family. There are several wonderful fitness classes in Miami that are designed specifically to keep mamas moving.Body Belly Baby Postnatal Pilates with Baby - Body Belly Baby founder Valerie Massoni teaches a pilates class that will help you gently re-tone the right muscles post-babe. The class is light-hearted, yet challenging. Ahana Yoga Mommy + Me Music Monday - Ahana is one of my favorite yoga studios, so it is a pleasure to get to take my babe to join in the community. Their mommy & me music class is a great way to introduce your little ones to music, movement and community. Not so much a workout for mom as a way to bond with your babe over some singing and music making.Dharma Yoga Baby & Me - Mommy and Me yoga at Dharma Yoga in Coconut Grove is a good excuse to get out of the house with your babe and soak up some super zen vibes. This class got my body moving and helped me to release a lot of tension.Zumbini - Ashlee Cramer’s Zumbini class is so much fun. It is a vibrant mix of song and dance that the babes seem to love. Again, this class is much more enrichment for babe than Zumba for mama. Meetup groups - Check out Meetup for Mommy and Me walks or workouts in the park.Equinox Kids Club - want to take a class without your babe? Select Equinox locations (Coral Gables, Aventura, Brickell Heights) offer Kids Clubs where your kids age 3-months to 7-years can hang while you workout for up to 2-hours for an additional (very reasonable) cost. I left my four month old daughter in the Brickell Heights Kids Club while I took Jil Deviscour’s Best Butt Ever, and we both had a great time. Baby Swap - on the weekends my husband and I will sign up for back-to-back classes at Flywheel or Barry’s Bootcamp in Sunset Harbor and switch off on baby watching duties.

Jacqui Somen is a health & wellness writer, NASM certified personal trainer, and certified pre and postnatal fitness specialist. Follow her at @vivamafit.

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