8 Ways You Can Improve Your Virtual Class Experience


Not happy with your virtual studio experience for guests? You're not alone. The virtual studio can't quite capture the experience created in your studio, but that doesn't mean it has to be dull either. But where most studio owners and managers get tripped up is focusing on the wrong things.

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Fitgrid, which bridges Mindbody and Zoom to make live streaming seamless for everyone, gives studios the certainty that students will never miss a class link and be able to provide feedback about what worked and what didn’t to keep improving.

Here are eight ways you can improve your virtual class experience from Fitgrid CEO Nt Etuk.

  • Encourage students to invite friends to class
  • Use Zoom’s advanced sound sharing controls to ensure high quality if using music in class
  • Have a savvy team member available to help members with tech support issues for the 30 minutes before class
  • Have the instructor/staff reach out to participants after class to create personal connections, i.e. send follow-up emails through FitGrid to thank them for attending.
  • Encourage clients to put their favorite classes in their calendars and emphasize the importance of carving out a routine. Not having to travel to the studio makes classes more accessible, but it also makes it harder to create a routine and habit of attending regularly.

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  • To connect with members from home, encourage instructors to emphasize interpersonal interactions during class by addressing participants by name, giving “virtual assists” to suggest adjustments on form, and praising the class on a job well done.
  • Emulate the outstanding in-house experience that clients have come to expect from the studio by having instructors host their live-stream classes from the studio, to minimize distractions in the background and maintain the feeling of being in the studio.

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