American Stem Cell Centers of Excellence Opens Miami Location


American Stem Cell Centers of Excellence (ASCCOE), known as a pioneer in regenerative medicine, has recently opened their newest location in South Miami.Aside from serving as the headquarters for ASCCOE, the Miami location will also serve as a clinic for regenerative treatments and stem cell therapy, dedicated to optimizing clients’ health and wellness through the latest research breakthroughs and advancements."It is with great pleasure that we introduce the highest-quality regenerative medicine center to the Miami market, with our headquarters serving as the pinnacle of industry standard for this revolutionary field of medicine," said Mike Tomas, CEO of American Stem Cell Centers of Excellence.

American Stem Cell Centers of Excellence

Regenerative medicine focuses on repairing tissue that was damaged or lost. At ASCCOE this is done by using a persons’ own cells to help heal and treat the body from injury or disease.Imagine if you were to sustain an injury, such as a torn ligament that required surgery, but could first try using cells from your own body to heal that injury. ASCCOE takes stem cells from the fat tissue of an individual and injects them directly back into the site of injury or damage to help rebuild and repair."This process helps reduce recovery time that is related to surgery," says Michelle Parlo, Director of Clinical Operations at ASCCOE. "Plus, you are using your own body to heal your body. You can even bank your cells for future use."The services at American Stem Cell Centers of Excellence are not just for orthopedic injuries. ASCCOE effectively treats a range of illnesses and symptoms, including neurological, autoimmune, and degenerative conditions. While stem cell therapy is used to treat many of the conditions ASCCOE sees, they also offer services outside of stem cell therapy. Clients can receive diet counseling, electromagnetic pulsed wave therapy, food inflammation tests, infrared therapy, IV nutritionals, ozone therapy, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

American Stem Cell Centers of Excellence is located at 7800 SW 57th Ave in South Miami. To learn more about the services at ASCCOE or book a service, visit their website

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