Athletix Rehab: Recovery Individualized and Personalized


Sometimes, as active consumers of the fitness industry, we forget about recovery. The thing is, recovery is just as important as the workout itself. The physical therapists at Athletix promote recovery through their manual therapy and stretching services.A common misconception is that physical therapy is only for injuries. Athletix is dedicated to breaking that myth.“No matter what stage of your fitness journey you are in, we can help,"says Dr. Kyle Krupa of Athletix. "Our key to success is our individualized hands-on approach to both rehabilitation and exercise recovery, to help injured and healthy athletes alike."What is it that sets Athletix apart from other recovery companies in South Florida? The types of individuals they treat, the services and tools they use, and the promise they make their clients.Athletix therapists treat a wide range of clients from professional athletes to members of the fitness and Crossfit community. Because of the wide range of clients, Athletix tailors functional rehab programs to the client, meaning the program you receive was specifically designed for your needs.“Our goal is to provide functional rehabilitation with an emphasis on manual therapy, corrective exercise, performance-based sport-specific exercise and postural re-alignment, in order to expedite your return to activity," says Dr. Sharif Tabbah.From Normatec Recovery Boots to Graston soft tissue tools, Athletix has a range of tools that help expedite the trauma of intense training. Often these tools are used to draw fresh blood to the area and promote healing. Aside from Athletix team of professional physical therapists, massage therapy and pelvic floor therapy specialists work with the team to help clients who might need those services as well.Athletix promises that your experience will always be personalized and individualized. “We promise that you will never feel like just another patient," Dr. Krupa tells STAY FIT 305.Athletix is located inside Body and Soul Gym in Coral Gables. They also have a second location in Davie. For more information, visit

Dani is a Lead Instructor at Echelon Fitness and certified personal trainer from Silver Spring, Maryland. Growing up playing ice hockey, Dani always had a passion for being active. Dani studied psychology in college which led her to her initial career path in cognitive psychology. Dani changed career paths after realizing that her passion truly was in fitness. Dani integrates her knowledge of psychology into her fitness classes believing that our mind is a powerful tool to tap into to achieve health and wellness goals. Connect with Dani on social media @danidellarco.

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