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Yourlixir is the passion project led by two female entrepreneurs ready to make their mark in the wellness space. Antonella Nardi and Desirée Chance, the ladies behind Yourlixir, came together to build a brand that they believe ultimately benefits everyone.At its core, Yourlixir is the belief that superfoods are functional medicine. Their array of travel-friendly powders includes all of the major superfoods such as spirulina, maca, matcha, turmeric, and activated charcoal.Behind the BrandNardi, originally from Westchester County, NY and Chance, from Zurich, Switzerland, actually met while attending Spanish River High School in Boca Raton. Both ladies spent many years in Florida traveling back and forth from Boca to Miami. Although they now live on opposite coasts, Nardi in Miami and Chance in Los Angeles, they decided to collaborate out of passion for their own personal journeys trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.Chance grew up in the entertainment industry modeling, acting and hosting. Due to her stressful workload and demanding travel schedule, she began to experience breakouts and even had cystic acne. On top of that, hormonal imbalances only made it worse. In an image-focused industry, it was crippling to her confidence and began to affect her career. years of trying so many different treatments, she finally found that incorporating superfoods into her diet was the cure. She said that maca really helped her and the fact that natural sources like this could help so much was eye opening to her. A realization that she wants to share with everyone through Yourlixir.Nardi had a similar hectic travel schedule that really tested her ability to stay on track; mind, body and soul. She began traveling in the fashion industry at 21 but was always familiar with superfoods having grown up in a holistic household. Nardi traveled for eight years throughout Asia and London, getting looks from airport security as they noticed her superfood powders.Nardi always took precautions before traveling and would visit with holistic doctors before taking some 18-hour flights. Traveling and eating different kinds of food would take a toll on her body, hence her luggage full of natural products and powders. She found that these powders were the answer to keeping her in balance.Superfood Powders


Each Yourlixir powder is all natural, GMO-free, paleo, gluten-free, and 100% organic. Nardi and Chance make it a priority to keep in touch with the farmers that provide each of their powders. Yourlixir makes it super easy to incorporate these powders into your everyday life. Their packaging lists the benefits of each powder as well as suggested uses. For example, spirulina is rich in vitamins and minerals, boosts energy, reduces blood sugar, detoxifies the body and is loaded with antioxidants. Yourlixir recommends adding it to smoothies, dressings, acai bowls and even in foods like soup, salad or guacamole.How They Stay FitIt’s definitely important what we put into our bodies, but I also wanted to know how these ladies stay fit. Nardi, who calls Miami her home, does a combination of hot pilates and Bikram yoga."I go to Hot Pilates about 5 times a week, and I try to squeeze at least one Bikram session per week," says Nardi. "If you haven’t tried Hot Pilates, you have to go to Agni Miami for Brian’s class. He’s the best!”“Anything outdoors is what I love most when exercising.” says Chance, who lives in sunny and not-so-humid LA.She used to do kickboxing, rollerblading sessions by the beach and hiking, but with a little one on the way, her workouts have lightened up.Check out Yourlixir's full lineup of travel-friendly powders at

Cristina Zeinali is a Miami native, lifestyle blogger, yogi in training and proud dog mom. Obsessed with all things food and wellness, you can either find her trying out new health trends or eating at her favorite pizza spots.

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