CocoWalk's New Fitness Concept - INFINITY - Offering Founding Memberships Ahead of Open


CocoWalk has a new neighbor – INFINITY, beyond fitness – a lifestyle center powered by neuroscience and technology with member access to training, nutrition, and recovery with one membership.

Over the last several years, CocoWalk has gone through a rapid makeover that includes adding fresh new concepts in F&B and now wellness. INFINITY, beyond fitness adds a fitness and wellness element to the renovated shopping plaza where locals will no doubt gather to sweat.

A personalized INFINITY plan is created for each member by their wellness coach every 90 days using metabolic diagnostic testing, body scans, and lifestyle preferences. But it’s all kept simple so members have a clear path to reach their goals. It’s a holistic approach fusing training, nutrition, and recovery.

rendering of INFINITY beyond fitness in Coconut Grove

To make wellness more accessible and approachable to all, sessions are booked in 10-minute increments, with the option to stack back-to-back sessions, according to personal preference and availability. Further revolutionizing the boutique experience, the studio can be accessed for coach led group and self-guided sessions. In addition to being an eco-friendly studio, INFINITY provides numerous services such as infrared cocoon pod, compression therapy, wellness coaching, zero gravity massage, lockers, showers, complimentary parking and much more.

“Our team is thrilled to launch our flagship studio at the new CocoWalk,” said Diego Guimarães, INFINITY’s Founder. “We are grateful to the local Grove community for embracing this reimagined approach to well being, 10 minutes at a time. At INFINITY, we celebrate all victories, whether it’s a 10-minute recovery session or a 40-minute workout. All walks of life, levels of fitness and body types are welcome to join us.”

rendering of INFINITY beyond fitness in Coconut Grove

INFINITY is currently offering a limited amount of Founding Memberships which includes a personalized INFINITY plan every 90 days, unlimited group training sessions, unlimited use of recovery tools, one-on-one wellness coaching sessions, metabolic testing every 90 days, unlimited access to body scans, towel service and complimentary parking. Members who take advantage of the exclusive Founding Membership will save up to $400. Sale ends May 16th.

“Sedentary lifestyles and obesity are some of the biggest villains of the 21st century,” said Diego Guimarães. “Together, we can fight back, reclaim our health and win this battle. It all starts with small changes.”

To learn more, visit and follow on Instagram and Facebook @infinitycocowalk.

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