Consciousness in Motion at OM Movement


As someone that has been practicing yoga for several years, I have found that one central theme remains the same: Practicing yoga is a workout for your body and your mind. Everyone’s reasons for practicing yoga are different and OM Movement ensures to offer a space for a variety of practices.After a few classes at OM Movement, it proved that you really can exercise your mind, body and spirit at this studio. Located in central Coconut Grove, across from Peacock Park, the location couldn’t be more fitting and zen. The studio is beautifully decorated with thoughtful sayings, dreamy yogi merchandise and, my favorite part, a front desk adorned with plenty of sparkling crystals. Definitely an entrance that hums “Ommmm.”The OM Vinyasa class at OM Movement with Joan Varini was a reminder to why myself, and many others, continue to practice yoga. She began class with a reflection on the idea that everyone does practice for different reasons and stressed that yoga is meant to evoke a sense of community as the word itself means "union" or "connection."During the OM Vinyasa class, Varini led us through a 75-minute heated (81oF) class with each movement carefully explained, assisting us in reaching our best form while also providing her insight into yoga.OM Movement’s philosophy of “Conscious Movement” is evident throughout the studio. Each room is named after a yoga phrase such as prana, meaning "breath" or "primary energy." Located at the back of the studio, this room is outfitted with equipment such as kettlebells, medicine balls, and jump ropes. The Prana room is for their “Soul Sweat” group fitness class, a high-intensity group fitness workout where the class moves in groups from one station to another.In the "Soul Sweat" class, with Christian Oliveira, we moved through rounds of box jumps, ring rows, wall balls, v-ups, and burpees. All of the exercises were scalable to your level and Oliveira took the time to correct form and keep the class motivated throughout. A slightly different style of class than you would normally think to take at a yoga studio.Which is why the variety of the classes makes OM Movement so unique. In addition to Soul Sweat, the studio offers classes such as OM Power Yoga, Fluidus Method Yoga, OM Heated Power Yoga, OM Hybrid, Skanda Yoga, Aerial Yoga and even Mindful Meditation. Both classes had the same meticulous awareness of movement and form by the instructors.OM Movement is located at 2895 McFarlane Road, 2nd Floor, Miami, FL 33133. Visit OM Movement Studio for more information, class descriptions and full call schedule.

Cristina Zeinali is a Miami native, lifestyle blogger, yogi in training and proud dog mom. Obsessed with all things food and wellness, you can either find her trying out new health trends or eating at her favorite pizza spots.

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