Cycle Seven is Bringing a Fusion of Fitness and Wellness to Miami Beach


Cycle Seven is bringing you a fusion of physical fitness and mental wellness at their new studio on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach!

The experience:

Created by Frank Vomero and co-founded together with Susan Della Giustina, Cycle Seven is a small group fitness boutique with an intimate setting that allows each rider, listener, and participant the opportunity to receive individual attention from the instructor while being supported by the entire group.

Within Cycle Seven lies a trinity to balance and clarity: Cycling, Reiki, and Sound, which represent friction, light, and vibration.

  • Cycling- The 45 minute cycling class (The Journey 45) carries each rider through high intensity intervals, choreography and precision. The 10-bike studio offers an intimate setting perfect for riders of all levels and body types.
  • Reiki - This personal 60-minute session retreat is perfect for releasing stress or when seeking a deeper emotional healing. Reiki uses universal consciousness in the way of guided light energy to help clear blockages throughout the chakra system.
  • Sound - The group setting sound retreat encompasses the use of crystal singing bowls, chimes, and other grounding instruments that cascade the listeners in a bath of sound, cleansing the body on an energetic and cellular level.

What makes Cycle Seven unique:

"Cycle Seven is reshaping the way Miami Beach does wellness," said Frank Vomero, creator and co-founder. "We are here to help the individual grow so that they may feel confident and excited to go out and give their highest version of self back to the greater community. It starts with YOU, the One. Without the One the Whole does not exist. A balanced approach to life is essential when allowing oneself to master the scale of pleasure and discipline. Self-discovery is best tested through experiences."

You should also know:

The polarity that is Cycle Seven. Where you can go from a complete physical workout on the bike, then step into complete and total relaxation in the sound sanctuary and healing room.

How to join in:

All bookings can be made through the Cycle Seven app available for both iPhone and Android users. Grand Opening pricing is here for a limited time! 45-minute group classes of Cycling or Sound are $25 each or $99 for a 5-pack. 60-minute Reiki sessions are $85 for a single session or $225 for a 3-pack. Purchases expire one year from purchase date.


Cycle Seven is located along the shops on iconic Lincoln Road in the Art Deco 420 building. There is a parking garage attached to the building that makes parking easy and convenient.

Where to find Cycle Seven online:

Instagram: @thejourneybyseven


Co-founders Frank Vomero and Susan Della Giustina. Photos via Tara Inc Photography.

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