Fitness Professionals Can Work on Content Creation at Trainnr Studios in Delray


Originally an online fitness platform, Trainnr Studios in Delray Beach is now helping with content creation for local trainers. Learn more about the concept below!

The experience:

Trainnr Studios is a private fitness studio for content creation. It was started because they saw a shortage of access to quality fitness studios in South Florida where personal trainers and health and wellness content creators could create high quality digital content. Now they work with trainers from various fitness categories to create high-quality online workouts, programs, and content. They also provide digital content creators with a facility and professional production team so all they have to worry about when it comes to content creation is showing up.

What makes Trainnr Studios unique:

Trainers are always strapped for time, and it can be their biggest limiting factor when it comes to making a good living. If you are looking to level up your digital content while freeing up hours in your week to maximize your earnings potential, there is a team at Trainnr Studios to support you 100% of the way.

"We are the only dedicated private fitness studio in South Florida that offers professional digital content creation," said CEO Jeffry Smith. "When you come through our doors you get complete access to a dedicated fitness studio and team that can be used to create any and all content needed for you social media channels, website, or apps."

You should also know:

"Trainers are most effective when they can focus on doing what they do best - training and motivating their clients," said Smith. "Leveraging services like ours saves tons of time and effortlessly put out the highest quality content customers and clients demand in 2023."

Why trainers love it:

They love the time and effort they save by letting Trainnr Studios handle all the work that goes into shooting, editing and publishing digital content to grow their following or online workout library.

The extras:

There is a large list of equipment that trainers have access to when they use our studio, including but not limited to Rouge Kettlebells and dumbbells ranging from 5 to 100 lbs, a full squat rack, Olympic bar and bumper plates in all sizes, adjustable Rogue bench, and the best in class videography equipment and lighting.

How to join in:

All pricing is custom quoted packages that are customized and designed to fit a trainers need. There are packages starting as low as $249.


Find Trainnr Studios at 101 S Congress Ave, Suite E, in Delray Beach.

Where to find Trainnr Studios online:

Instagram: trainnr_app


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