Florida Governor Announces Gyms Can Reopen May 18, Miami-Dade Not Included


Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis made an announcement on Friday that allows gyms statewide to reopen as early as next Monday, May 18.

It is now up to local governments to determine when gyms will be allowed to reopen locally.

Gov. DeSantis hinted at reopening gyms during a press conference on Thursday.

"I think it's really important that people have access to gyms and to different exercise," DeSantis had said a day earlier. "You had certain guidelines that the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] put out, and they think that gyms were a problem, so that's why they were closed."

Allowing gyms to reopen is part of a "full Phase One" based on the progress that Florida has made in flattening the curve.

*RELATED Gyms Included in Phase One of the Country’s Reopening Plan

While the White House Phase One had included gyms, previously under Phase One of Florida's reopening plan, gyms and fitness centers throughout the state were closed, with the following exceptions:

  • Gyms and fitness centers that are amenities of hotels which have a capacity of 10 people or less
  • Gyms and fitness centers that are amenities of residential buildings
  • Gyms inside fire or police stations
  • Gyms inside any single-occupant office building

"We did an initial Phase One," said DeSantis. "We wanted to go safely, smartly, and we wanted to go step by step. I could have done this off the bat but I wanted to make sure we had a good footing."

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