GluteHouse Glow Up Goes Live September 26 in Brickell


Since opening in summer 2020, GluteHouse has remained at membership capacity.... until now. The Miami studio dedicated to building the best behinds in Miami is announcing the expansion of their current location for a major glow up that officially opens to the public on September 26.

“It’s really tough to put into words the excitement I have about all the work we’ve done towards our expansion. Over the last 2+ years, we have seen so many members transform their mentality towards training,” said Adam Becker, Founder of GluteHouse. “They are getting so strong and confident both inside and outside of the gym, and I am so pumped for 250+ new members to give us the opportunity to play a role in their journey towards health, fitness, happiness and building the butt they’ve always wanted!” 

Almost tripling the size of the current facility, the expansion will include more than 20 state-of-the-art machines focused on the lower body, TVs demonstrating the movements at each station, a new reception and retail area, a full shower and vanity area plus several new spots to take the perfect “belfie."

GluteHouse removes all of the guesswork out of lower body and glute training with a unique structured program. Guided by the studio’s mobile app and the assistance of a floor coach, members participate in a circuit-style strength training program for 50-60 minutes. A new session starts every 10 minutes, making it easy for members to fit their workout into their schedule. Floor coaches help correct form and answer any questions members may have during the workout. Every four weeks, also known as a cycle, members are provided with new programming. 

For the very first time, potential new members can now reserve a spot to try a GluteHouse workout at the studio’s Open Houses being held this September. Members will be guided by GluteHouse coaches during the 50 minute workout, have the opportunity to secure a founding membership rate, and get access to the facility’s app in addition to receiving an exclusive invite to the Glow Up Launch Party on Saturday, September 17. 

“GluteHouse training takes it back to the fundamentals to get results. Our members learn proper lifting techniques & follow a strategically designed program to help them achieve their booty goals,” said Carla Dallmann, Director of Training and Operations at GluteHouse. “We help members get stronger, become confident lifters, and have an absolute blast while on their glute-building journeys!” 

GluteHouse is open seven days per week and is located at 92 SW 3rd Street, #CU2, Miami, FL 33130 along the Miami River. Memberships start at $99/cycle and include two 50-60 minute workouts per week. Those looking to join and start on September 26 can visit

For more information about how the program works and to view membership transformations, please visit or follow GluteHouse on Instagram at @GluteHouse

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