HIIT It at Home: Try This 30 Minute, Three Round Workout


We all know how hard it can be to feel like you got a decent workout at home. One way to ensure you get a good sweat going is with a HIIT circuit.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is a way of exercising that involves timed bursts of highly cardiovascular exercise combined with shorter periods of rest or low-intensity exercise. For short workouts that accomplish a lot, HIIT is hard to beat. Not to mention it can be done with little to no equipment.

Here is a great 30 minute HIIT workout for you to try at home that will challenge your strength, endurance, and power!

Round One

3 sets of 40 seconds squats, 20 seconds jump squats

30 seconds of rest between sets

Round Two

3 sets of 30 seconds work with 20 seconds rest

Split squat jumps and lateral jump burpees

Round Three

3 sets of 20 seconds work with minimal / no rest between

Lateral bounds and mountain climbers

HIIT training is a great tool for fat loss and building stamina, but to really maximize your results I recommend combining interval training with healthy eating, your regular strength training routine, and even the occasional steady-state cardio workout.

Adding variety and mixing up your workouts will ensure that you’ll continue seeing results from your training.

If you have any questions about training, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at sweatwithsierra.com.

The owner of Sweat with Sierra Personal Training, Sierra is on a mission to help women look good and feel better with energetic, functional workouts and a restriction-free lifestyle. She offers one-on-one training and group workouts in Miami as well as hosting fitness events all over. Visit her website or Instagram to learn more and get ready to sweat!

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