King of the Court Brings Pro Volleyball to Miami Beach


Professional volleyball players and Olympic gold medalists will take part in a Miami Beach demonstration event this Thursday,  November 17 ahead of the King of the Court beach volleyball tournament planned for March 2023 as part of Miami Beach Live. Catch the action at Lummus Park between noon and 2 pm.

“Our local volleyball community is excited at the prospect of seeing internationally recognized beach volleyball players bringing their talents to Miami Beach,” City Manager Alina T. Hudak said. “This will be an amazing event for Ocean Drive and a rare opportunity to see some of the most skilled athletes in the world.”

The free warmup event will feature Olympic gold medalists Julius Brink and Rich Lambourne, international referee John King and professional volleyball player Dave Palms all taking place at the volleyball courts in Lummus Park between 7 and 8 streets off Ocean Drive.

“I am super excited to see a King of the Court event in Miami Beach, probably one of the most iconic beaches in this world,” said Brink, a 2012 Olympic volleyball star from the London games. “The lifestyle and the atmosphere fits perfect to King of the Court which brings entertainment, high-class sport and joy to the people in Florida.

King of the Court Volleyball events have been held in Hamburg, Germany; Utrecht, Netherlands; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Doha, Qatar. While a few test events have been held in the United States, Miami Beach will host the debut U.S. tournament in a pop-up stadium on the beach in Lummus Park between March 9-12, 2023 as part of Miami Beach Live!

“I am excited to see King of the Court coming to the United States. The Netherlands is known to be innovative, and King of the Court perfectly illustrates how we continue to reinvent sports,” added Miami Consul General Ruth Emmerink of the Netherlands, where King of the Court Volleyball is based. “I can’t think of a better place to launch next than a sports-focused state like Florida, and in particular, Miami Beach.”

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