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They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when life takes over, it always seems like lunch has to suffer. Lunch turns into whatever snacks are on-hand or some form of grab-and-go food. Delivery apps make ordering food from restaurants easy and with a few taps, a burger is delivered right to your office. This makes grabbing lunch efficient, but does not always make lunch affordable or healthy.Maybe you've tried meal prepping, but felt bored by eating the same mundane lunch daily. Lunchology makes lunch not only exciting, but also your favorite meal of the day by creating a solution for anyone to maximize their lunch break. These high-quality, clean, and healthy meals are so delicious that you will find yourself loving lunch.The Miami-based company was started over conversations at dinner between longtime friends Eleana Urquiza and Lia Ames.“Cooking is Eleana’s happy place,” said Ames, a single mom running a business, that values healthy eating and freshly-prepared meals. They both saw a need for a convenient meal delivery service that could promise clients meals that were fresh, healthy, and of the highest quality."Lunchology started with five clients, and we were cooking the meals out of Eleana’s kitchen,” said Ames and as the company grew so did their need for space. Lunchology now runs out of a commercial kitchen in Wynwood, maintaining their commitment to quality, healthy meals.


The company offers three meal options for both lunch and dinner. Carnivore clients can opt for the Meat Lovers, while pescatarians will find fish-friendly meals in the Ocean Lovers plan. Don’t eat meat or fish? Lunchology provides a Plant Lovers option for vegetarian and vegan clients.Urquiza is the brains behind the recipes, which are creative and carefully constructed. While she designs the meals, Monica Auslander Moreno MS, RD, LD/N assists and tailors the meals to each client's personal needs, to ensure all meals are nutritionally, well-balanced and formed to fit individual dietary restrictions. A team of chefs prepares the meals that are delivered to each client. There is added flexibility with the option of having meals delivered the night before or to an office.


Lunchology delivers meals Monday to Friday. While this might seem odd for clients that want meals on weekends, it is actually done on purpose. Ames explained that balance is a core belief of the company. Just as the meals are well-balanced, so should life. Weekends should be about indulging in the amazing, Miami food scene.“I want to know ingredients are fresh and haven’t been sitting around," says Ames. That’s why Lunchology is cooked and delivered daily. The produce and meat in each Lunchology meal is sourced from local farms, so you know that local businesses are being supported and each and every ingredient is fresh. As a bonus, snacks can be added to any meals plans, ideal for those that require a little extra nosh to get them through the busy day.What’s next for the future of Lunchology? Growth. The company has expanded into the catering business and wholesale and also serves local private schools through a convenient kids lunch program. The program instills healthy eating early in life and takes the stress away from parents to prepare meals daily.Stay tuned for new products and even Lunchology in your local super market or coffee shop. Check out the Lunchology website for more information about their meal plan options, and be sure to follow on Instagram.STAY FIT 305 has the hook-up - use code "STAYFIT_LU10" to get 10% off Lunchology meal plans.

Dani Dellarco is a rockstar instructor in Miami’s fitness community, teaching indoor cycling at a boutique fitness studio in Miami. When Dani is not teaching group fitness classes, she is a dedicated member of the STAY FIT 305 team. Dani is originally from Silver Spring MD, but has found a love for the 305 community since moving here in 2016. Her interest in fitness began as an ice hockey player, playing for many years from childhood to college. Dani can be found trying out tons of fitness studios in the 305, from cycling to boxing. Dani also enjoys participating in South Florida's races from 5ks to Terrain Races.

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