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No meat, no problem. Manna Life is a vegan and gluten-free spot in Downtown Miami that has been around for four years. Their mission? Change the way people see healthy food “una planta at a time.”

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Manna’s menu is all plant-based and made from scratch. Fernanda Alvarez, co-owner of the restaurant, mentioned that “we don’t use any preservatives, additives, white sugars or flours. Fresh and real food is what defines Manna and make people come back to our place."

Alvarez is a Mexican born and raised “cocinera” who decided to teach the world how to eat properly while staying healthy and on a budget.

“I’m passionate about sharing all my knowledge in my cooking classes and when I’m at the restaurant. I have a peculiar way of making people fall in love with cooking," said Alvarez. "They never expect to end giving up something that wasn’t making them feel well after I teach them the alternative and healthier way of preparing it at home.”

Cooking classes

Manna Life is much more than just healthy eats - they offer hand-on cooking classes where they focus mainly on teaching people how to eat well. It becomes a space for sharing, learning and having fun, with eight different menus to choose from, all vegan & gluten-free.

The restaurant provides all the organic ingredients, then attendees cook for about two hours, before sitting and enjoying what they cooked with the rest of the class. It’s an experience perfect for a romantic date, a birthday bash, or even a team-building activity between colleagues.

Manna Life

With Manna Life, people don’t have to worry about missing any of their favorite dishes, as the restaurant will always find a way to make healthy look and taste delicious.

Learn more on Manna’s Instagram @mannalifefood.

Patricia is a marketing passionate and fitness enthusiast. Her daily routine includes a variety of workouts, from yoga to bootcamp, and always looking for different activities and discovering cool and delicious new eats in Miami with her account @MODMiami.

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