Much Anticipated AKT Miami Opens in Midtown Neighborhood


One of Miami’s hottest fitness neighborhoods welcomed a new neighbor this past week, as AKT opened the doors to their new studio in Midtown Miami at 3407 NE 1st Ave., on the street level of the Hyde Midtown Miami building. 

AKT Miami has been a much anticipated concept since announcing their arrival to the Miami market back in 2019. AKT, named after original founder Anna Kaiser, is a dance based cardio and wellness brand that brings together a unique combination of toning, interval, circuit, and dance-based workouts to their club style studio.

Walking into the AKT Midtown Miami location, the studio has an elevated feel and vibe, that exudes energy and excitement. The dark colors, neon lights, and high-energy music set the tone immediately for what guests can expect when they step inside the studio.

The space itself has merchandise on display, lockers for storage while you’re sweating, bathrooms, and all the needed amenities you’d expect from a boutique fitness brand.

Once you step inside the studio, you are transported to what feels like the dance floor of LIV or Story, with flashing lights, mirrors, and playlists featuring the latest music from world renowned artists. 

Guests have the option to pick from four different class types - dance, bands, tone, and circuit. No surprise what each entails, but “Bands” is the signature class first timers should try. 

“Bands” is what drew me to the AKT brand,” said AKT Miami owner Maria Van Thienen. “It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, and our guests love it.”

In Bands, you’ll alternate between functional cardio and longer strength intervals that focus on balance, agility, and full-body conditioning as you work all planes of motion. Enjoy bass pumping sound tracks while your highly trained instructor takes you through a heart-pumping workout.

“All of our trainers go through an AKT certification process that teaches them how to lead our uniquely styled classes, and to maximize your workout output,” says Van Thienen. “We are constantly changing out music, choreography, and workout routines so guests never plateau and can always see improvement along their fitness journey.”

AKT Miami has “cancel any time” monthly memberships, and class pack options for sale. Class sizes are roughly 15-20 people depending on the class type. For more information visit

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