MYP Athletes Sees Increase in Demand for Meditation Services from Athlete Clients


When “MYP Athletes” was created, athletes were, of course, the primary focus. I also knew it was time to offer more than just yoga, which I had already been offering for years. I began to notice a shift in the types of needs more and more of these athletes were having. As a result of them beginning to resonate with and ask for mindfulness/meditation work, as well as Pilates, I knew that this was an opportunity for MYP to fully serve as a go-to for “working in.” Therefore, adding both of these to the mix was a no-brainer. I know first hand how valuable these forms of “working in” are, as they ultimately allow an individual to keep cultivating and creating the energy needed to continue performing and working out. This was why offering more than one option seemed to be what made my brand and vision feel complete. Except it wasn’t.

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Once again, I realized there was more to “MYP Athletes” than I was tapping in to. After working with athletes at all levels, as well as people who push their bodies and minds like athletes do, I realized that “MYP Athletes” was meant to serve more people. The people I am referring to, for example, are those who are low on time because they already commit themselves to working out almost as much as athletes do; those who consistently prioritize bettering themselves, not just physically, but also mentally; and those who fully understand the importance of recovery and taking care of their mind, body, and spirit, yet don’t necessarily want togo to a yoga or Pilates studio.

In essence, “MYP Athletes” is here to help the real MVP’s: the ones who are committed, willing, and connected to not just being the best, but also feeling the best. The ones who prioritize “working in” just as much as working out.

We offer an all-encompassing online sanctuary consisting of body-part specific recovery, homeostasis attainment, add-ons to current fitness regimens, and convenient + on-the-go videos. This is by design to create the ultimate mind-body connection so that you can heal, perform all tasks better, and enhance your current skill set.

“MYP Athletes” is here for you if being a yogi isn’t your thing, but you still connect to the actual practice of yoga facilitating recovery, healing, and feeling your best. We got you covered without the yogi flair. MYP is here for you if having to drive and show up to yet another class just isn’t for you. We got you covered with several types of classes/categories to help you “work in” at various durations. MYP is here for you if you know you need to “work in,” but staying within a budget is also a priority. We got you covered with a 7-day complimentary trial and a $29/month membership. MYP is here for you if adding anything else to your schedule is just not practical. We got you covered with time-efficient classes, as short as10 minutes, to add-on to your current fitness regimen. MYP Athletes is here for you if you feel like a novice at this work or even intimidated by it. We goty ou covered with classes you can access from your phone, tablet, or computer in the privacy of your home, backyard, hotel room, or office. MYP Athletes has been made with YOU in mind.

Life is meant to be lived feeling good and being your very best from the inside out. Join the team. We are waiting for you.

Lizzy was born and raised in Miami, FL and has over 10 years of experience working and teaching in the health and fitness industry. Her journey started with Pilates and shortly after included Yoga. She founded MYP Athletes (formerly known as Yogalete) in the Fall of 2017 and has been working with professional, collegiate, high school, and youth athletes and sports teams since 2015. She has worked with the Miami Dolphins, as well as various athletic teams from the University of Miami and Florida International University. She is also the co-founder of Casa Vinyasa Yoga Studio located in the heart of South Miami.

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