Optimize Your Health and Performance with the biostation in Midtown Miami


Achieve optimal health and performance through the biostation, Midtown Miami's new individualized and comprehensive approach to wellness. The Delray Beach-based leading provider of Functional and Age Management Medicine, opened a second location in Miami this past March. With services such as nutrient IV therapy and injections, medical weight loss programs, platelet rich plasma therapy, and performance blood panels, the biostation is dedicated to helping clients feel better and live healthier lives.“We are dedicated to helping patients identify the root cause of symptoms in order to restore the body to its peak performance, alleviate symptoms and ultimately, reverse the effects of aging,” says Dr. Martin Bloom, Co-founder and Medical Director of the biostation.At the biostation, clients can expect to feel replenished and restored all while enjoying services in an ultra-luxurious space.

The attention to detail and complete individualization of programs is what sets the biostation apart from other holistic medicine and IV therapy centers. Services take place in patient rooms that have added luxuries such as recliner chairs and TVs. These services are also individualized based on clients’ blood chemistry and goals, so the vitamins and minerals that you receive are also the ones your body really needs to help you achieve the desired outcome. Only select nutrient IVs and injections can be done without a blood chemistry panel at the biostation, most require clients to have prior blood chemistry screening.The company also sells their own products such as plan-based protein, pre-workout supplements, and everyday vitamin and mineral supplement. Buying supplements online can feel frustrating, if you’re not sure that what you are buying is the best supplement for you. Supplement plans can be individualized at the biostation to meet clients’ health and wellness goals, as well as to help raise any areas of deficiencies found through blood chemistry.

For more information visit the biostation website. Online you can find more information about services that are offered and information on how to book an appointment. The Miami biostation is located at Midtown 5, 115 NE 32nd Street, Suite 102 Miami, FL 33137.

Dani is a Lead Instructor at Echelon Fitness and certified personal trainer from Silver Spring, Maryland. Growing up playing ice hockey, Dani always had a passion for being active. Dani studied psychology in college which led her to her initial career path in cognitive psychology. Dani changed career paths after realizing that her passion truly was in fitness. Dani integrates her knowledge of psychology into her fitness classes believing that our mind is a powerful tool to tap into to achieve health and wellness goals. Connect with Dani on social media @danidellarco.

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