OutFit Training is Bringing their Franchised Fleet of Mobile Gyms to You


OutFit Training believes that there is no better way to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air in South Florida than by working out outdoors.

Learn more about their mobile fitness service below.

The experience:

OutFit Training is a mobile fitness service that brings convenient, affordable, expertly-led private training and group fitness classes to parks, beaches and neighborhoods around the Fort Lauderdale area. They offer a variety of workouts, including HIIT strength, HIIT cardio, Zumba, and yoga is coming soon.

Their franchised fleet of gyms-on-wheels are owned and operated by local TRX-certified coaches, or as they like to call them, “OICs" or OutFitters-In-Charge, and are networked via a state-of-the-art technology platform and member app - the OutFit Training App.

OutFit Training is founded by a former Navy SEAL Squadron Commander and their philanthropic efforts are as important as the health and fitness it delivers to its members. To take care of those who care of us all, OutFit proudly provides FREE unlimited open family memberships (a $129/mo.value) to all active-duty municipal First Responders and to their immediate family members.

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You should also know:

"Outdoor exercise is not a new concept – you get outside, you run, you bike, you do yoga," said OutFit Training CEO and Founder Randy Hetrick. "What makes OutFit different from the rest is its synchronized network of owner-operators, delivering their services under a single premium-brand experience, serving an interconnected community of members a.k.a. Outfitters — all brought together through a high-tech platform & mobile app that combines geolocation, registration, booking, payment, and a host of nifty user features to keep our members connected to each other and motivated to achieve their goals."

What makes OutFit Training unique:

"OutFit aims to change the world of fitness forever. We believe that everyone should have access to affordable, convenient, expertly coached fitness experiences," said Hetrick. "And we believe that fitness shouldn’t be confined to a virtual reality or to the closed walls of gyms that less than 20% of Americans will ever join. OutFit delivers actual reality with affordably priced, expertly led 'boutique' fitness directly into the inspiring public spaces that surround us in our neighborhoods every day."

Why members love it:

Members love the challenge of pushing themselves and taking their workouts to the next level by using OutFit's special color-timer system. They also say they love the coaches and the people because you get that camaraderie at workouts, so you push each other, challenge each other, and become a family.

The extras:

The OutFit Training app is the hub of all things OutFit. One awesome feature within the app is the friends feature. This feature allows OutFitters to view "OutFit friends" workout progress, when they are planning to attend their next class, and more, so that they can meet up, push each other, and challenge each other.

How to join in:

When you download the OutFit Training app, the first class is free. After that there are drop-in fees per class or you can subscribe. With the subscription, just like any Netflix or Apple Music subscription, you get billed monthly and you get access to an unlimited number of workouts. There are no cancellation fees and all payments are done right in the app.


Since it is a mobile studio, find OutFit Training in East and West Fort Lauderdale, and also in the Plantation area.

Where to find OutFit Training online:

Instagram: @OutFitTraining_fortlauderdale & @OutFitTraining_HQ

Website: www.outfittraining.com

People working out outdoors

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