Peloton And Adidas Launched Inclusive Apparel Partnership


Peloton and adidas joined forces and launched a new apparel line on Thursday, March 25 motivated by "shared values of well-being, inclusivity and community," according to a joint statement. Designed in partnership with Peloton instructors Robin Arzón, Ally Love and Cody Rigsby, the 11-piece collection marks the start of an ongoing collaboration between the two brands.

The two companies teamed up to "further foster a sense of community and acceptance, while empowering  people to be the best version of themselves." With a nod to inclusivity, the apparel sizing extends to 2XL, and the collection also includes unisex pieces.

In an increasingly crowded and noisy fitness apparel sector, this partnership highlights how important it is for brands to be nurturing and engaging their communities. In particular, it shows how collaborations such as these are strategically important for brands wanting to not only offer something unique for their biggest fans, but also extend their reach by partnering with other brands with engaged communities.

Aimee Arana, General Manager, Global Training at adidas alluded to this importance in the joint statement, stating that “we have an incredible opportunity to help grow connected communities and  continue to support people as they build their new fitness journeys at home."

In teaming up with Peloton, adidas is tapping into a growing community of at-home fitness enthusiasts. Peloton has shown significant growth during the pandemic, and and now boasts 4.4 million members worldwide.

Peloton and adidas are not the only fitness brands turning their attention to a more size inclusive range. Many other companies such as fitness retailer Athleta and Target's TGT +4.3% in-house fitness brand All In Motion have extended their size ranges and featured a wider diversity of body shapes in their marketing and in-store mannequins. Fitness brand Superfit Hero even extends sizing up to 7X.

When asked about the driving force behind the addition of more inclusive sizing, a Peloton spokesperson, speaking via email, emphasized that both Peloton and adidas have "inclusivity and community at the heart".

"It was inspired by the vibrancy and diversity of the adidas and Peloton global fitness communities" they added.

As Cody Rigsby, Peloton instructor and one of the co-creators of the apparel range said: "We...wanted pieces of this clothing to represent what we stand for. For me, that's not conforming to what "normal" is."

This story was originally published on Forbes by Catherine Erdly and can be found here.

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