Peloton Row is Officially Here


Peloton is expanding its fitness family and introducing Peloton Row, the rowing machine that will give you a full-body workout combined with the experience they offer today on the Peloton Bike, Bike+, and Tread.

The Row will have a compact 8’ x 2’ footprint that is vertically stowable with the Upright Wall Anchor to maximize space. It has electronically controlled resistance for quiet, perfectly smooth stroke feel and a 23.8″ HD swiveling touchscreen for seamless transitions on and off the mat. You can experience studio-quality sound with front-and rear-facing speakers

If you are new to rowing, features like Form Assist, will give you real-time correction on your stroke to help you spot points of improvement and strengthen your stroke during a class or Just Row session. Post-class, you’ll get a Form Rating and Insights dashboard that will provide a breakdown of your performance and progress and give you tips for the next time you row.

And just like instructors give ranges for things like output, cadence, or incline in other Peloton Bike and Tread classes, you’ll be working with your Personal Pace Target each time you row. Personal Pace Targets help you follow the intensities cued by instructors so that you know how hard you should be working in every interval. They make every class challenging and motivating, regardless of where you are in your fitness journey.

The Row is available now for pre-order and prices start at $3,195 with a 30 day risk-free home trial.

Learn more on Peloton's blog!

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