Peloton Tread Will Be Available August 30


Peloton announced the all-new Peloton Tread will be available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom on August 30. This new treadmill is different than the Peloton Tread+ that was released previously and voluntarily recalled back in May.

The new Peloton Tread combines Peloton's content and quality design with integrated safety features to create an efficient and engaging total body workout experience.

"Our goal is to be the go-to fitness solution and the largest and safest home fitness brand in the world," said John Foley, Peloton's CEO and co-founder. "We've worked hard to make sure the new Tread truly earns its spot in Members' homes. We'll always continue to innovate our hardware, software and safety features to live up to our commitment to Member safety and to improving the full Member experience."

The Tread was built with elements that make it easier for athletes at every fitness level to achieve their goals with motivating total body workouts. Design elements like the intuitive speed and incline control knobs and jump buttons create a seamless experience that, combined with Peloton's signature classes and Instructors, redefines what a running-based workout can be.

The Peloton Tread features:

  • 23.8" HD touchscreen with integrated speakers: Transition seamlessly between the Tread and the floor during your workout. The screen tilts up and down 50 degrees, so you can have the best possible view and sound while on the Tread, bringing you even closer to Instructors.
  • Designed to fit your daily routine: At 68" L x 33" W x 62" H, Tread measures smaller than most couches and fits comfortably in most homes.
  • Thoughtfully designed running platform: Tread has a 59" traditional belt to allow for uninterrupted runs.

The Peloton Tread includes the latest in software and hardware safety features to help Tread owners stay focused on their workouts, including:

  • Tread Lock: A four-digit, digital passcode that each authorized user will need to enter to unlock the belt before a workout. All current Peloton Tread owners, both those with an All-Access Membership and those without, have access to the Tread Lock safety feature.
  • Safety Key: The physical safety key helps a runner come to a quick stop during a class if needed. The safety key is also removable so that it can be stored away from the Tread to prevent unintended use.
  • Intuitive design: Every part of the Peloton Tread is designed to remove any barriers or distractions between runners and their goals. The speed and incline knobs are conveniently placed on the side rails, falling within a runner's natural arm swing so users can simply roll the knobs up or down mid-run to change the intensity of their workout. Runners can also immediately stop with an easy to find Stop button.

Customers will be able to purchase the Peloton Tread for $2,495. The All-Access Membership, which enables Members to access Peloton content using the Peloton Tread, is separate.  

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