Perfect Balance World is Reinventing Yoga Clothes


Imagine if every yoga pose was supported by your clothing. Imagine what you could accomplish if physics, engineering, and spirituality came together to give you perfect balance.After practicing yoga for 14 years, with a stint as a studio owner, Carla Berkowitz is trying to disrupt the athleisure market with her take on what yoga clothes should be like.“It’s like having a yoga teacher in your clothing” says Berkowtiz, who noticed a problem amongst new students and experienced practitioners alike. matter how advanced or basic students were when practicing yoga, there was the same core problem – they used brute force to balance, instead of just intuition and following a simple method.Berkowtiz went straight to the drawing board and engineered the utility and balance right into the clothing. The result is Perfect Balance World, her collection of yoga clothes thoughtfully designed to teach you yoga, using the placement of rubberized landmarks on the clothing.“It lets you enjoy the pose. Its not magic. It’s not going to do the pose for you,” says Berkowtiz. “But it builds muscle memory, so if you’re not wearing the clothes one day, you’ll remember where your foot is not supposed to be, and where you arm should be. It’s called the Perfect Balance Method.”

Perfect Balance World

So how are the clothes? Stylish and sleek like they were crafted in a physics lab. The jet black collection features leggings, leg warmers, capris, a shrug, headband, slides, and top.The signature DNA Leggings sport a polyester/spandex blend, that creates a soft, silky and stretchable feel, perfect for yoga, pilates, and barre. The physics-based, rubberized landmarks, help Yogis hold their pose, and for a cool $59, are an affordable option you should consider.For more information on the Perfect Balance World collection, visit

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