Perfect Your Perky Peach with 3 Glute Activation Exercises


Before every workout, it’s important to warm up, mobilize, and activate the muscles you intend to use.⁣ The glutes are no exception.⁣ I’d argue that the glute muscles are actually the most important to activate because of their “sleepy” nature.

When you spend most of the day sitting on them, chances are they won’t be ready to just jump up and go to work. They’ll need to be warmed up and activated in order for you to establish a good mind-muscle connection and keep them working through the whole workout.

I recommend doing at least two sets of two to three different glute activation exercises before any lower body or glute workout. These sets will be higher reps, between 15-30 reps each.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of my top 3 favorite glute activators. Once you try it, I guarantee you’ll be able to feel the difference during the workout... and by your soreness the next day!

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The owner of Sweat with Sierra Personal Training, Sierra is on a mission to help women look good and feel better with energetic, functional workouts and a restriction-free lifestyle. She offers one-on-one training and group workouts in Miami as well as hosting fitness events all over. Visit her website or Instagram to learn more and get ready to sweat!

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