Quarantine & Chill Out: 4 Tips to Keep You Sane While Stuck at Home


We have the opportunity to make the most out of our time at home. I challenge you to tap into your creativity and find ways to stay productive, active and at ease. These are just 4 helpful tips that will get you through your days right now.


Focus on inhaling the good, and exhaling the bad. We now have more time to focus on our breathwork. Creating a breathing pattern can settle our heart rates, and ultimately ease our minds. Start slow and steady, inhaling through your nose, exhaling through your mouth. To advance this, you can hold your inhale on a 3 count and exhale slowly through pursed lips, relaxing your face. Practice this when you’re feeling worked up or uneasy. You’ll notice that your breath will calm you.


During a time like this, we are stuck at home with our own thoughts, and unfortunately, the news. It becomes easy to fall prey to all the negative things going on. Trying to stay positive right now, will be an actual task for you. The best way to practice positivity is to delve into it. Try creating a list of 3 positive things you’ve heard or experienced throughout your quarantine time. You’ll notice that when you focus on the good, you start to experience more good around you, eventually growing that list.


 It’s so easy to just sit at home right now onthe couch and watch TV. But, what if I told you that time would fly a lotfaster if you actually did work, an activity, a task? Now is a great time tocomplete things you were always trying to do until work or life got in the way.Try to pick a task for each day, start with smaller tasks, once you build somemomentum, tackle the bigger things.


We need to prioritize self-care, now more than ever. While it is easy to neglect ourselves on a daily basis, we actually have the time now to do something for ourselves. Mind you, this does not have to be a huge thing. Maybe you do a face mask, take a relaxing bath, or even workout, something small, that solely is for you. Carve out at least 15 minutes of your day for “Me Time.” Focus on what makes you happy and can bring you joy even in this uncertain time.

Let us not lose ourselves completely, let us stay calm, stay positive and stay connected. We are in this together and we will all get through this together.

Shana graduated from Florida International University with a BA in Marketing and a certification in Health and Fitness Marketing. She has her own Personal Training company, known as Shana Saka LLC. She teaches group fitness for Trufusion and Equinox, as well as being a trainer for The Reflect Mirror by Echelon. Shana is also a certified Health Coach, and the Co-Creator of Hybrid Flow. She holds certifications as an Animal Flow instructor, ONNIT Kettlebell and Barbell Specialist, Spin instructor, Precision Run coach, and many more. Shana markets herself as a fitness junkie, always wanting to learn and grow as well as motivating others. To get to know more about her and what she does, you can follow her on Instagram at @shanasaka or check out her website at www.shanasaka.com

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