Quick 10 Interview With Miami Fitness Instructor Rick Chavez


Miami fitness instructor Rick Chavez can be found leading packed classes at TruFusion Coral Gables or the newly minted Anatomy Midtown location. Chavez is known for his welcoming personality, expertise and exciting programming. We caught up with the South Florida native a Quick 10 interview, but you can also follow him on Instagram – @bredforgreatness.

Tell us about yourself -where are you from and how did you find your way to the 305?

I am born and raised in the MIA. I lived up in theSarasota/Bradenton area for a few years when I was younger, but made my wayback down by the time I hit high school.

How did you get your startin fitness and as an instructor?

I was always involved in some sort of sport and/or physicalactivity, but it wasn’t until around 2006/2007 when I first started usingkettlebells and doing more gymnastics/bodyweight oriented training that Istarted to consider teaching others. I kept learning from trainers around me,absorbing everything I could from them, and then started studying to get myCPT. I found Crossfit in 2009, got my level 1 certification, and started teachingfor I AM Crossfit. I was certified in kettlebells shortly thereafter and therest is history.

How doyou stay full of energy throughout the day?

I get as much rest as I can the night before, make sure toeat well throughout the day (beginning with breakfast), get at least one solidworkout in, and teaching class. I could be dead tired, but when I walk in toteach a class, and suddenly I hit 100 mph.

How would you describe yourclasses?

My classes are always high energy, filled with some jokes I challengeyour comfort zone, and always make it a point to teach you at least one newthing, whether it’s a skill or something about yourself.

What is one fitness mythyou would like to bust?

That doing sit up/crunches alone will get you that six packyou’re after - FALSE! Proper nutrition and overall fitness (think HIITworkouts, compound lifts, etc.) would be a better focus to help you achievethis goal.

Tell us a little bit moreabout your fitness specialty.

Kettlebells - they are my absolute favorite thing to use andto teach. I find it to be the most versatile tool in the room. You can use itfor strength, cardio, mobility, balance, and coordination. You can take it to apark, a beach, on vacation, your backyard.

Other than where you teach,where is your favorite place in Miami to train?

Train8nine, Zoom Fitness, and Reebok Crossfit Miami Beach.

Besides fitness, what’s onething you’re passionate about?

Definitely music. If you come to any of my classes,regardless of which one it is, you’ll catch me busting a move at some pointbecause I just can’t help myself.

What are you excited aboutright now?

Right now, I’m excited for Anatomy Midtown’s grand opening!I already have my #trutribe at TruFusion Coral Gables, and now I will have my#anatomyfam to also grow and learn from.

What is a long-term goalyou are working towards or would love to achieve?

I would love to bring more awareness to the usefulness ofthe Kettlebell and hope to grow a community for it here in Miami. Ideally, I’dlike to have some workshops ranging from Kettlebell flow to Kettlebell sportand maybe help organize a sport competition down here.

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