Quick 10 with Miami Pilates Instructor, Amanda Christodoulou


Are you always on the lookout for new gyms, studios and trainers to workout with? Well, so are we. That’s the foundation of Stay Fit 305 after all – to be your guide to the best South Florida trainers, gyms, studios, health foods and fitness events. We love featuring new trainers. These are the individuals pushing you to your limits when you want to give up, and who you thank when you’ve reached your goal. This week, get to know Miami Pilates Instructor, Amanda Christodoulou.1.) What attracted you most to Pilates?Balance. It’s a total body, dynamic workout, and there are so many variations that I can do it almost every day. I'm also really fascinated with anatomy and the body, and Pilates truly teaches me about my own body as well as my clients'.2.) How would you describe your private classes?Personally tailored to you. I dedicate time before each private lesson to create a session specific to your body & goals. You’ll never know your workout before you come into my lesson, and you’ll never do the same sequence twice. I make sure to progress clients with each session and love teaching them new tricks.

Amanda Christodoulou

3.) What types of equipment do you use in your private lessons?I use a mix of equipment: Reformer, Wunda chair, mat, jumpboard and strength training props. I also make sure to teach my students about the body during their workout, so they can understand what a Pilates Body is!4.) What’s one tip you’d recommend to anyone just getting into the Pilates instructor game?Don’t over commit. Ask yourself if you’re able to give 100% of yourself to a client for each session.

Amanda Christodoulou

5.) What keeps you motivated as an instructor?Keeping up with my client’s needs. I was getting asked a lot of nutritional questions in my private lessons, so I'm working on becoming a certified health coach for nutrition. Once I finish that, I’ll pick something else up!6.) What does your fitness routine look like?My goal is to try to do some kind of workout every day, that way if I miss a day due to scheduling I don't feel so bad. I aim to do Pilates as much as possible, about 3-4 times a week. I also love boxing, dance, cardio and strength training.

Amanda Christodoulou

7.) Besides Pilates, what’s one thing you’re passionate about?Besides my Boxer, Micky, I’d say Miami. It’s such a full, and colorful city to live in. It’s very fitness-focused and has a lot to offer the wellness community. I make a conscience effort to go beyond just workout posts, to capture the fun-side of life in Miami on my Instagram, @pilates_body.8.) What does a typical day for you look like?No matter what time my first session starts I give myself an hour of alone time to have coffee, do my session planning & prepare for my day. Once my sessions begin I am back to back to back! I try to squeeze in a training for myself if I get any breaks. For lunch, I almost always bring home-cooked leftovers I made the night before. Then it’s back to private sessions until about 6:30. If I’m teaching at Anatomy at 1220, I’ll hit the infrared sauna which heats you up from the inside out to burn toxins – it’s great for quick detoxing. Then I go home, walk my dog, and make dinner.

Amanda Christodoulou

9.) What’s your number one fitness tip?Everything in moderation, including moderation. It’s all about balance.10.) Where and when do you teach?I teach private lessons at my clients’ homes or at Anatomy based on their schedules. I also teach a group Pilates Abs + Stretch class at Anatomy twice a week, and I teach at SoBe Pilates twice a week.

  • Monday 10 a.m. – Abs + Stretch @ Anatomy at 1220
  • Friday 9:30 a.m. – Reformer Infusion @ SoBe Pilates
  • Friday 10:30 a.m. – Reformer Infusion @ SoBe Pilates
  • Saturday 8:30 a.m. – Abs + Stretch @ Anatomy at 1220

Jen Squilla is a Miami-native who believes there’s a time for squats, and a time for pasta. She’s on a never-ending search for Miami’s best fitness classes, trainers and wellness events that make exercise fun and engaging. She particularly enjoys trying new kinds of yoga and any type of outdoor activity (kayaking, hiking, paddle boarding and long walks with the dogs) that she can sub for a traditional workout.

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