Raw Juce Opens Location in Aventura


Earlier this month, popular juice spot, Raw Juce, opened its 4th location in Aventura, right next to the Aventura Mall on Biscayne. Juices, cleanses, shots, smooth-e-lixers, acai bowls and more are all on the menu, making the location and must try.Raw Juce is on a mission to make people feel and live better. So naturally, all ingredients are organic and locally sourced so food can be delivered in its most natural form. Raw Juce’s cold- pressed technology guarantees maximum extraction without pulp. Each fruit and vegetable is pressed individually and bottled with no additives or preservatives. The philosophy of Raw Juce was primarily founded on the premise of communal practices. Supporting over 50 community events monthly (at no cost to partners), Raw Juce believes heavily in the power of giving. From early on, Raw Juce founders, Jeff Levine, Steve Shaffer and Barry Rabkin were committed to building a community-centric brand from the inside out. Rabkin states, “We believe that giving back to the community, starting with our team members, creates dedication. Not only does our team (mostly 20 somethings) learn the mechanics of ourbusiness but we offer a diversified program that helps with personal betterment and a vision for their future.”

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