SAT Soccer Wants to Kick It With Future Soccer Stars


SAT Soccer, which stands for Specialized Advance Training, is the passion of former soccer pro and CEO Ethan Sonis. From sharing tips with a couple of kids to the fully launched SAT Soccer, Sonis loves helping competitive players get even better at the game.

The business:

SAT Soccer is a private training specialist working with professional and elite youth athletes. They focus a lot on the details and making sure their players that extra edge over any other player that they are competing with and working on in game situations to have them operate better on the field.

In addition, SAT Soccer has athletes working with the professional players and adding more value to stars is what they are about. Think of SAT Soccer as the cheat code to players excelling in their environments and providing more value to their clubs.

What makes SAT Soccer unique?

SAT Soccer is unique in that they work game specific and make sure that when the players leave, they are more valuable to their teams and coaching staff.

"Intensity, intensity!" says Sonis.

What do members like best?

They say their favorite part is the game situation drills. SAT Soccer simulates real game scenarios and works on small details to do better in high-pressure moments when it’s in a game environment.

The facility:

Their training facilities have a grass and turf field.

How to join in:

While there are packages and drop-ins available, it is best to set up a call prior to setting a time in order to best understand the needs of each player. SAT Soccer offers group training and private training sessions.


SAT Soccer has two locations, one at 5140 SW 208th Lane in Southwest Ranches and another at 9617 Park Drive in Miami Shores.

Where to find SAT Soccer online:

Instagram: @satsoccer


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