Should you be Hopping on the CBD Train?


Each day, there’s a new CBD product on the market. Whetherit’s in patch, lotion, drink or oil form, CBD is sweeping the nation... but isit worth the hype? And more importantly, should you be joining in?

First Things First

Let’s take a few steps back. CBD is short for cannabidiol.It’s one of 100 other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Not to be confusedwith its cousin, marijuana, hemp is a completely separate plant used for anarray of medicinal, commercial, and industrial purposes. It is extremely highin CBD and low in THC, meaning it will not get you high. There is agrowing body of research behind its powerful benefits for anyone looking toimprove their health and wellness.

How it Works

Did you know you already have naturally-occurring cannabinoids and an endocannabinoid system in your body? These cannabinoids work with your nervous system to regulate many of your internal systems. When you take CBD, it helps to supplement your cannabinoids and further promote balance throughout the body. Some main benefits of CBD include reduced stress and anxiety, improved eating and sleeping patterns, and mood regulation.

For the Fit

In terms of fitness specifically, CBD is emerging as acomplete game changer. It addresses one of the most overlooked aspects offitness performance: Recovery.

When you exercise, you’re actually breaking your body down,and need to recover in order to keep progressing. Matt Pippen, Strength andMobility coach for professional and collegiate athletes, lives by the idea thatif you recover more today, you’re able to train harder and longer, with areduced chance of injuries tomorrow.

So where does CBD come into all this? It hasanti-inflammatory properties that work to fight pain and inflammation responsesthroughout the body. By jumping on the CBD train, you’ll be giving yourself anautomatic edge over the competition.

The best, to Fuel Your Best.

As we mentioned above, there are new CBD products and brands emerging each day. Resilience CBD is a premium line of CBD products designed specifically for athlete recovery. Their entire product line was built to accelerate post-workout recovery and reduce stress on the body. Resilience CBD products are designed to help you:

  • Bounce Back from Soreness - Are you recovering sufficiently after your workouts? As you exercise, tiny tears are created in your muscles which causes the soreness you feel. In order to rebuild your muscles, you need to allow your body to recover. CBD helps to support and accelerate that recovery process so you can get back to doing what you love, quicker.
  • Advanced Pain Relief - This one goes hand-in-hand with recovery, of course. On top of soreness, CBD can help with chronic pain points throughout the body like joint and nerve pain that would typically require painkillers. CBD offers an all-natural solution that doesn’t require wallet draining steroid shots, liver-damaging aspirin, or other lengths people go to mitigate pain.
  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety - This one is huge in fitness, especially if you’re a competitive athlete. Getting rid of that race-day, game-day, or fight-night jitters is essential to performance. CBD allows you to relax, relieve mental and physical tension and boosts focus.
  • Improved Sleep - This is huge for fitness. Resilience actually has a great blog on why sleep is your secret weapon. When you don’t hit that eight-hour mark, your reaction time, motor function, recovery, risk of injuries, memory loss, and focus are all impacted. The list could continue, but I think we’ve all experienced at least one of the above after a sleepless night. CBD has been found to improve insomnia, overall sleep quality, duration, and helps you wake up feeling refreshed. Its calming properties can also help you in falling asleep.  

So whether you have aches and pains, anxiety, troublesleeping, or just looking for that extra 10%, CBD may be worth a shot.

Claire Jones is the Director of Marketing for Resilience CBD. A lifelong fitness enthusiast, she loves writing for fitness focused brands and has her finger on the pulse of anything happening in the nutrition and fitness world. Whether it's a butt-kicking workout or a new recipe, finding the best "life hacks" to make people feel happy and healthy is her passion.

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