Shred Your Body with High Intensity Training at Shred415 in Pinecrest


Interval training is all the rage these days, and at Shred 415 Pinecrest the class model combines predictability and excitement for a sweat-inducing hour or less.

The boutique studio, and the only Shred 415 facility in Miami, offers over 25 classes each week with a schedule that features six instructors and workouts that target all areas of the body. As the gym’s name suggests, each class is broken up into four 15-minute intervals during which participants alternate between treadmill drills and resistance training. The studio itself is dark, intimate, and upbeat with pulsing music and colored lighting to set the mood.

While the class model offers a sense of predictability so individuals know what to expect, owner Jorge Betancourt said the exciting part is that each instructor and workout within these timeframes is unique. Shorter classes, he said, are also sometimes offered to better fit into lunch breaks or mornings for those with busy schedules. 

The hour-long class starts with a warmup but ramps up quickly. On the treadmills, users alternate between climbs, sprints, and rest periods utilizing the machines’ incline and speed controls. Upbeat instructors constantly challenge participants to beat their last speed, but each individual is free to work within their comfort level.

On the floor, each participant has their own station with equipment including a riser, weights, and mat. Exercises are led by a trainer who incorporates various drills in timed segments depending on what body part the class is focused on. Different workouts include “Total Body,” “Arms and Abs” and “Butt, Legs, and Abs.”

Due to COVID Betancourt said all participants are required to wear a mask during the workout. Each individual, he said, gets a temperature check and clean towel before class, as well as their own set of equipment to use for the hour. 

For parents looking to shred, the studio provides childcare in an on-site playroom for children between six weeks and 13 years old. Other amenities include clean towels, lockers, beverages and merchandise available for purchase, showers, and restrooms. 

Classes can be bought in packages on the studio’s website, and some options include a single class for $28, a five-class package for $115, or a 20 class package for $360. Childcare packages can be purchased in packs of five or 10, for $28 or $50, respectively. However, if you’re looking to try it out don’t sweat the prices, because everyone’s first class is free. 

Shred415 is located at 7890 SW 104th Street in Miami. For more information, check out or follow them on Instagram at shred415pinecrest.

Kylea Henseler is a journalist and freelance writer with a passion for health and fitness that started when she was a young child playing every sport in the book. Her goal is to write about anything and everything someone on their own fitness journey will need to know to be and feel their best, from nutrition guides to workout ideas. When she’s not writing articles or studying PR and Sports Physiology at the University of Miami, Kylea can be found practicing Brazillion Jiu Jitsu and boxing downtown or running, lifting and hanging out on the beach.

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