SoccerShape in Miami Features MLS, Pro Players in Live Online Classes


Like many gyms this year, SoccerShape took their classes online. Based out of Miami, they recently started bringing in Major League Soccer players and other professional players from around the world to help teach live skills classes and allow participants to learn directly from the pros.

Some of the players they have partnered with so far have included Mason Trafford (former Miami FC, now in the Canada Premier League) Sergio Camargo (former Toronto FC and now in the Canada Premier League), and Charlie Trafford (Scottish Championship player and Team Canada). They also have a couple of big-name MLS players lined up for the coming months that they can't wait to officially announce.

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The goal of SoccerShape's online classes is to expose people to the soccer methods and techniques that the professionals use. It is easy to train with top-level players - all you need is a ball, a couple of yards of space, and an internet connection. Whether you're 14 and trying to make it as a player, or 45 and wanting to sharpen your Sunday league skills, SoccerShape invites you to check out their classes.

While they offer soccer-specific training, SoccerShape Online is designed to be a one-stop-shop for players looking to train like a professional. There are skills and technique classes, strength and conditioning classes, and mobility and yoga classes.

SoccerShape is running a special until the end of June where for $5.99 per month you can get unlimited skills and fitness classes and be locked into that price for the length of your membership. For more information check out or find them on Instagram @soccershape.

Charlie Trafford

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