South Miami Welcomes Grit Miami to the Neighborhood


The blossoming South Miami fitness community has welcomed its latest addition – Grit Miami.Co-Founded by Alex Osuna and Lyonel Lumarque, Grit Miami is challenging you to face your weaknesses head-on, with qualified coaches, like-minded classmates and safe programming.Knowing camaraderie is the key component to community building, Grit Miami has stripped away any limitations you may have, scaling their programming to fit your goals.This state-of-the-art facility, located a few blocks from Dadeland Mall, is packed with 11 classes everyday to compliment their personal training offering.Their functional group fitness classes are always scalable, include detailed technique work, and make safety a top priority. So much so, that they shared with us their Grit Fit Tips for safety.Here are four Grit Miami Fit Tips that will have you ready for your first class at Grit Miami:Check Your Ego – It’s important to stay within your own comfort level when deciding how much weight you can efficiently move. Grit Miami’s coaches are always on the floor to help guide you on just how much load is appropriate for your fitness level.Form Matters – A challenging yet attainable rep scheme is key. Once fatigue sets in, your form may be compromised, and that’s when injury usually occurs.Slow Down – Not only is the frequency imperative, but the speed at which you perform any movement is equally important. A slower pace, in some cases, may prove to be more beneficial since it keeps you mindful of form and technique. Know Your Limits – Being mindful of your own limitations is pivotal, especially in a group setting. It may be easy to imitate others’ rep schemes or the amount of weight they are stacking on their bar. In the end, each person must be in tune with their body’s abilities at that moment.

Cristina Zeinali is a Miami native, lifestyle blogger, yogi in training and proud dog mom. Obsessed with all things food and wellness, you can either find her trying out new health trends or eating at her favorite pizza spots.

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