Studio Highlight: F45 Training Coral Gables


We're sure you've heard of F45 at this point, but have you stopped by for a workout before? F45 Coral Gables is here to convince you why you need to come in and experience a workout!

The experience:

As one of the fastest growing gyms in Miami, F45 highlights exactly what the name stands for, Functional training, or Functional 45 minutes. Within these 45 minutes, by alternating each day with high-intensity cardio, strength, or hybrid formats, they utilize timed intervals to focus on not only building, but maintaining lean muscle as well as promoting fat loss. With over 5,000 rotating exercises, their programming allows them to never repeat a workout and offers variety to build strength, endurance, and confidence with each workout.

You should also know:

F45 Coral Gables emphasizes personal training in a group training environment with two trainers in every class to demonstrate each exercise with modifications or progressions, accommodating any skill-level. Not only do their trainers work to carefully correct form and challenge you, but they create unmatchable energy that gives the studio a special intensity.

The F45 music mixes pump up the studio throughout the week to carry the momentum up to our signature Saturdays when they host an in-house DJ to make your morning sweat feel like a party!

What makes F45 Training unique:

"At F45 Coral Gables we want to build you up, not beat you up.  It all starts with our daily 45-minute strength, cardio, and hybrid sessions, and culminates with our Saturday 60-minute high energy DJ party," said Eddie Matos, Owner of F45 Coral Gables. "Speaking of parties, we get together as a family outside of the studio every couple of months to celebrate wins and each other.  Makes for a truly special community."

Why members love it:

New members love the 2 weeks for $2 trial.  It gives them a full F45 experience while deciding if the studio is the perfect fit.  Members consistently boast about the contagious, unique energy of F45 Coral Gables. It is an energy that makes those 45 minutes not only a workout, but something to look forward to each day. It is what allows them to create more than a gym, but a close-knit community, a family. Not only do they want to see their members grow and succeed, but they believe in celebrating and commending wins.

The extras:

The Coral Gables F45 studio is one of the largest F45s in the US, offering a spacious 3,300 square foot space surrounded by a 360 degree view of South Miami, so it feels like you are working out right under the sun. Rarely is parking ever free in Miami, but at their studio you are likely to find parking free of charge in the lot below us or in the additional parking garage next door.

In the event you need to leave straight to work or any event, they have two showers stocked with all of the necessities (shampoo, body wash, conditioner, deodorant). Additionally, if you ever forget your water or feel low on energy, they offer the option of water, Gatorade, muscle milk, Celsius, Bang, and C4 available for purchase to be sure you are fully fueled, energized, and hydrated.

How to join in:

They are one of the only F45s in the area that offers a 2-week trial. While many gyms offer a trial day or week, for only $2 they offer local South Miami/Coral Gables residents (or surrounding areas) to come try them out for a full 14 days. Following the 2-week for $2 trial, their unlimited membership prices are very competitive.  In addition, they offer many specialty rates for healthcare workers, teachers, military, family, and a killer budget rate for students. For those not looking for a full membership, they offer the option of individual drop-in classes or weekly passes, and class packs.


They are located at 5958 S. Dixie Highway, 2nd Floor, in South Miami. There are also other F45 locations across South Florida.

Where to find F45 Training Coral Gables online:

Instagram: @f45_training_coralgables


people participating in an F45 workout

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