Studio Highlight: F45 Training Midtown Miami


We're sure you've heard of F45 at this point, but have you stopped by for a workout before? F45 Midtown Miami is here to convince you why you need to come in and experience a workout!

The experience:

As one of the fastest growing gym chains, F45 highlights exactly what the name stands for, Functional training, or Functional 45 minutes. Within these 45 minutes, by alternating each day with high-intensity cardio, strength, or hybrid formats, they utilize timed intervals to focus on not only building, but maintaining lean muscle as well as promoting fat loss. With over 5,000 rotating exercises, their programming allows them to never repeat a workout and offers variety to build strength, endurance, and confidence with each workout.

You should also know:

F45 Midtown emphasizes team training with trainers available to demonstrate each exercise with modifications or progressions, accommodating any skill level. It is as close as you can get to personal training in a group atmosphere.

What makes F45 Training unique:

The group workouts are fast, fun, and results-driven!

How to join in:

F45 Midtown is offering 3 classes for free. They also offer 2 weeks of classes for $40 to really test out the workouts and make it a routine. There are also individual drop-in classes or weekly passes, and class packs.


They are located at 2816 NE 2nd Avenue in Miami. There are also other F45 locations across South Florida.

Where to find F45 Training Midtown Miami online:

Instagram: @f45_training_midtownmiami


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