Studio Highlight: SPAR Boxing Club


Houston-based SPAR Boxing Club has chosen Miami Beach for their second location and they invite you in to develop your competitive edge.

The experience:

SPAR is a fun, dynamic boxing-inspired workout that uses the challenging sport of boxing and gives you the ability to master a higher level of physical and mental strength. The gym is equipped with heavy bags, a boxing ring, and speed bags.

Try a SPAR 101 class to learn the basics of boxing and focus on perfecting your technique, or take a SPAR Strength class to round out your training regimen with a combination of functional movements, strength training and quality training techniques.

Pierre Russel, owner of SPAR Boxing says, "They come for boxing, it's the energy that keeps them here."

What makes SPAR Boxing unique:

It is a boxing gym focused on helping clients transform through sport science and psychology. Everything they do is based off of the therapeutic benefits of exercise and boxing. They can also customize a program based on an individual's goals and needs.

You should also know:

All that they do is in service to the members and SPAR prides themselves on creating a community that people want to be a part of. Clients get excited for the tough workouts and mental breakthroughs that come with belonging to the gym.

Why members love it:

Members will tell you about SPAR's consistent quality of training in a fun and inclusive environment. Clients feel at home and are always putting in work and focusing on getting results.

The extras:

SPAR is also a full scale gym with numerous strength training equipment, boxing bags, and cardio equipment. Train like a pro and get a complete experience!

How to join in:

SPAR offers drop-in classes, one-on-one personal training, and small group classes. There are a number of different options that can be customized for any budget or fitness goal.


They are located at 1624 Washington Ave on Miami Beach. They also have a location in Houston, TX.

Where to find SPAR Boxing Club online:

Instagram: @sparboxing


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