"Suns Out, Buns Out" at Glutehouse - Miami's Hottest Lower-Body Fitness Concept


Leg day is every day at Glutehouse – Miami’s latest fitness destination. The brand-new micro gym concept located inside Society Fitness is focused entirely on training legs, not a bad idea for a city that loves posting “suns out, buns out” Instagram pics.

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The concept is simple really. Each week there are two different circuit-training workouts – A and B. Workout A is offered Monday – Wednesday, and Workout B is offered Thursday – Sunday. The idea is that guests and members go through each workout once.


Here’s where it gets interesting, the circuit is “always-on” for guests. The entire circuit is five stations, 50 minutes in length, with one person starting every ten minutes.

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“It’s a supplemental program to what you already do - train at your gym, and come to Glutehouse for your lower-body training,” said Glutehouse founder, Adam Becker, who has been working on the concept for nearly two years.

Becker is also the Co-Owner of Society Fitness, a popular Brickell hotspot for HIIT training. The launch of “Glute Camp,” a lower-body focused class offered at Society Fitness since early 2019, is what inspired Becker to design an entire concept dedicated to training legs.

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What makes Glutehouse even better is the affordable price point. Glutehouse fills a price void between group fitness and personal training, often too big of a leap for the average consumer. But that price point comes with a catch … sort of. The circuit is monitored and assisted by an on-floor trainer who can coach and answer questions, but the exercises are preloaded each week onto a proprietary app that members can watch ahead of time and come prepared. In short, less personal training, more affordability.


“The app demonstrates movements, reps, instructors, and what and how you should be feeling,” explains Becker. “The app becomes your ‘personal trainer’ and the floor coach guides you through your workout.”

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Glutehouse is currently in soft launch for $99/month, and expected to open with regular hours starting in September.

For more information, visit https://www.glute-house.com/.

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