The Superior Bike Shop Opens Boutique in Wynwood


The Superior Bike Shop opened this month, to offer Miamians a distinctive, and affluent, new way to travel the city. Catering to both serious cyclists and luxury lovers who pedal for pleasure, the high-end shop pays tribute to the tradition of bike riding while being inherently future-forward.The new 1,500 square foot space, located in the heart of Wynwood at 2105 NW 2nd Avenue, features an elite collection of contemporary, hand-assembled bikes from Europe that were handpicked based on their one-of-a-kind quality, performance and limited availability in the United States.

Superior Bike Shop

The Superior Bike Shop boasts three contemporary brands – Schindelhauer, Fabike and 8bar – that are committed to designing and producing the lightest and fastest urban bikes for the modern city. Frames are designed for brisk city biking and made using super light-weight titanium, carbon fiber and aluminum alloys found only in professional sports until recently.A focus on technical innovation has allowed these brands to incorporate the most advanced technologies and time-tested design elements including: Gates carbon drives, Brooks seats and handlebars, Schimano cranksets, Pinion gearboxes, Rohloff Speedhubs and slick hand-made tires and wheels. Both men’s and women’s bikes are available and prices range from $2K to $7K.

Superior Bike Shop

“The Superior Bike Shop experience is like stepping into art gallery, where the bicycles are appreciated for their design and technology and admired like pieces of art,” explains Michael Nikolaev, founder and bike enthusiast. “Owning a bike from The Superior Bike Shop is a unique privilege as they are masterpieces designed to be comfortable, durable and timeless.”The bikes are sculpted for performance, and every line serves a purpose. Seating is complimented by minimalistic materials to provide secure balance while ergonomic support ensures complete control. The lightweight frames offer easy transportation, and carbon fiber belts eliminate the unrefined mess of oil for a lifetime exceeding 20,0000 kilometers.Miami’s wealth of character and unrivaled style served as the inspiration for The Superior Bike Shop while the city’s climate and flat terrain make it an ideal landscape for those on two wheels.

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