This Miami Gym Owner is Lobbying Congress to Include Fitness in a Coronavirus Bailout


Christa Gurka has never been one to sit on the sidelines and react. Her entire career has been built on taking action, doing the right thing, and teaching others how they can apply her learnings. So as COVID-19 continues to decimate the economy, resulting in a 13.3% unemployment rate with over 20.1 million people unemployed, Gurka knew she needed to act. Not on behalf of her own interests as the owner of the wildly popular Pilates in the Grove, but on behalf of the entire fitness industry.

“We were very fortunate at Pilates in the Grove. Taking our offering online was already in the works as part of our 2020 goals,” said Gurka. “But I know other gyms in the area and across the country are not in the same position. We are small business owners that employ amazing people that impact the residents in the neighborhoods we serve. I had to do something.”

And something she did. Gurka is part of the $1 Million mastermind group within Boutique Fitness Solutions, an organization dedicated to helping boutique fitness studios thrive. After her appearance on a local Miami TV segment, Gurka’s group reached out asking if she would help work on legislation that Congress would consider turning into a bill in the House.

“Essentially, the bill was started to provide economic relief for restaurants, but it makes sense for the fitness industry as well,” explained Gurka. “At a very-high level, it would cover a percentage of the difference in losses between a studios 2020 revenues versus their 2019 revenues.”

Gurka and the lobbying group have a long road ahead of them, with little chance of success, but that’s not stopping her from trying.

“It’s the right thing to do,” commented Gurka. “The fitness industry has been completely overlooked in all of this, and we are an essential part of the communities we serve. We help define community. We bring residents together every day under our roofs. And something needs to be done to help keep these businesses alive.”

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